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Class Descriptions


This class will target the entire stomach using resistance, physio balls, medicine balls, BOSU, mat and more.

Abs & Buns

This class will focus on core, legs and glutes.

Aerobic Dance

This class will use cardio dance moves to burn calories.

Agility Circuit

A combination of speed, jumps and athletic drills that will keep you lean. In addition, this class will strengthen and tone the abs.


A classical dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps and poses.


Mix up your workout with traditional calisthenic exercises using interval and strength training. This class is designed to work the entire body through cardio and strength moves. Great way to burn calories, decrease fat and get fit!


This class includes balance, strength, agility and cardio exercises on a curved top ball with a flat base that strengthens core stability.

Cardio Fusion

This class incorporates cardio moves with a combination of strength building exercises to work the entire body.

Cardio and Strength

This class targets every muscle and hits the cardiovascular system. It is designed to make you sweat and burn calories while pumping iron and getting your heart rate up.

Cycle 45

Looking to get your heart pumping without having to get on a “dread-mill?” We’ve got the workout for you! Cycle includes a variety of seated and standing drills to take your cardio to the next level. Simulate outdoor cycling and climb hills, sprints and more.

Functional Flexibility

This 30 minute class will give your joints and muscles the opportunity to lengthen and increase your overall flexibility!


This is a High-Intensity Interval Training class and will focus on a full body workout. Best way to burn calories and gain muscle!

Hip-Hop Dance

This cardio infused class will have you dancing to the latest trending songs while burning calories and boosting your mood!


Step into this high intensity interval training class! You will walk away with zero regret.

Kettlebells & TRX

This class is high intensity and burns fat! It combines strength moves and endurance exercise targeting the entire body using a weighted kettlebell. It also encompasses the TRX straps to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and core stability.


This class is designed for all levels of fitness. Learn all types of punches, jabs, hooks, upper cuts, leg agility and core exercises. You will leave this class with a workout from head to toe!

Modern Dance

This class is a style of theatrical dance and favors dace movements from expression and inner feeling.

PE Yoga

Practice with us and relax your mind all while increasing your flexibility and improving your overall range of motion. *This is an academic class, however, all members of the SRC are welcome to join the class (no grade will be given if you are not enrolled).


Pilates uses mat uses exercises to strengthen the core, improve posture and increase flexibility for a total body workout.

Pound – Rockout. Workout®

Channel your inner rockstar with this full-body cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, sweat dripping fun of playing the drums. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, you will torch calories and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music.


Awesome cardiovascular workout on specifically designed stationary bikes. Rides include a variety of seated and standing drills that simulate outdoor cycling, climbing hills, sprinting and more!

Strength & Tone

This class is designed for a full body workout of strengthening exercises that will make the body stronger and leaner.


Try this circuit interval class that will enhance your cardio and strength all in one!

Total Body Blast

This class is designed to sculpt the entire body as you move through cardio and strength exercises. This class will get your heart rate up and tone everything!


Appropriate for all, this class is designed to increase flexibility and improve overall range of motion. It also includes mindfulness practice, deep relaxation and quiet contemplation.


This cardiovascular Latin dance class includes a combination of salsa, meringue, cha cha and more that will get your feet moving and body sweating!

Last updated: 6/1/2018