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February 2016 Club Spotlight: Men’s Lacrosse

Congratulations to Men’s Lacrosse for being named the Club Sport of the Month for the month of February! Their club president was interviewed and offered some great information about the club.

mlax1_02-16Our club was founded in 2007. That was the year we became an MCLA team. Before that, we were just a school activity. Personally, I love playing lacrosse because our team has a sense of brotherhood. Lacrosse makes me feel better when I’m stressed. You become one with you stick and your stick becomes an extension of yourself. The best part is playing big name schools such as UGA, Miami, and Georgia Tech. Those are our hardest and most competitive games. One of my best memories has to be beating Coastal Carolina last week. We scored the game winning goal with 15 seconds left in the 4th quarter.

Ingame photoWe have a great group of men out here working to get better. Our head coach takes time out of his schedule to recruit kids all over the country. We’ve had kids from Texas, Tennessee, California, and South Carolina. This year we have a player from Canada who has some nasty stick skills. However, not everyone can play. We’ve only picked up 1 person in the last 4 years that has never played before. We typically try to recruit players who have four or more years of experience. In years past, we’ve held tryouts when we had 40+ kids come out but only because we have 33 jerseys. Each year we range from having a 28-35 number squad.


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Austin Herrin
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