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March 2016 Club Spotlight: Equestrian

Congratulations to Equestrian for being named the Club Sport of the Month for the month of March! Their club president was interviewed and offered some great information about the club.

eques_1603-11. When was your club established at Georgia Southern University and what is the tradition your team has? ­We were established 1993. One tradition we have is a cook out at the beginning of the semester to kick off the season. It gives a chance for all new and returning members to come out to the barn and to meet everyone and the horses. It’s really fun and relaxed and just starts the season off on a good note.

2. Why do you like playing club sports at Georgia Southern University? ­We love club sports at Southern because of the involvement it creates and the opportunity to compete on an equestrian team during our college years.

3. What is it like to travel and play different schools? ­Traveling normally entails a full weekend. We drive up together in van(s), compete, and go out to eat some… lots of team time! We compete in a large region of Georgia and South Carolina schools and almost always rank in at least the top it’s really fun for the team to bond and you also become really familiar with the other teams throughout the seasons.

eques_1603-24. What is your best memory while playing in tournaments/competitions this semester? ­The best part of traveling this season was at College of Charleston for our last regular season show. We got through the show really quickly and were done early, so we took a short little trip to the beach nearby and to get dinner. It was just nice to decompress after a good show and to have a little get away with the team.

5. How does someone go about joining your team? ­If you are interested in the team, the best thing to do is to contact an officer. An officer will know all about the team and what it is like to be a member. We have tryouts in the Fall, which basically determine your placement on the team. We welcome all variations of riders from super beginner to experienced. Our Facebook page has all of our up­-to­-date events and roster.

6. Does your team have any recent special achievements? If so, what are they? ­Recently, we have had riders qualify for Zone finals, so we will find out in a few weeks who will be going to Nationals. We won the most individual championships this year in our history and ranked 3rd overall in our region.

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