Greek Cup

The Campus Recreation & Intramurals Greek Point System has been developed for members of campus Greek organizations to encourage widespread participation in intramural team sports. Points are awarded to each team in designated sports for participation and post-season final standings. All points earned by a team in any team, tournament, or individual/dual sports will count toward the final points standings at the conclusion of the Spring and Fall semesters.

All participating organizations must comply with eligibility requirements in order to be eligible to participate in the point system (see IM Sports Handbook – Divisions of Competition – Greek). All team members must comply with participant eligibility requirements in order for a participating team to be eligible to earn points.

Greek Scoreboard

Points are awarded to the four (4) highest placing Fraternity and/or Sorority teams for either the Greek League or the most competitive Independent League. In a Greek League the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams will be awarded points as outlined above. In the most competitive Independent League a Greek team does not need to place in the top four (4) to earn points. The four (4) highest ranked teams regardless of overall placement will receive points. If multiple Greek teams in the top four (4) are eliminated in the same round of the playoffs they will evenly split the total points for the shared placing.

Note: For points to be credited to a Greek organization the team name must be the name of the Greek organization. If a Greek organization has more than one team they must differentiate teams by adding a number to the end of their team name (Alpha Tau Omega (1), Alpha Tau Omega (2), etc.)

Competition Guidelines

Points will be accumulated during the Spring and the following Fall semesters. Total points will be calculated by the Intramural Sports Program Director at the conclusion of the Fall semester. The organization receiving the highest total number of points will be awarded the All-Sports Trophy at the annual Fall Banquet.

If a Greek League is offered, each Greek organization can register one team in the Greek League. If a Greek League is offered only Greek teams in the Greek League will receive points for placing in the post-season tournament. Greek organizations can register separate teams in the Independent Divisions (competitive or recreational) for additional participation points.

In the event there are not enough teams to form a separate Greek League in a designated team, tournament, or individual/dual sport, a Greek organization may earn participation points for regular season participation by registering a team in the most competitive Independent Division. Points will still be awarded for post-season play if there is not a separate Greek tournament, so long as the Greek team is registered in the most competitive division.

In the event an organization is academically ineligible according to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, it will remain eligible for participation in intramural sports and post-season play. However, the organization will receive participation points associated with the event but will not receive points for placing in the post-season tournament.

A forfeit in either a major or minor sport will result in a loss of 100% of the participation points for that sport. A second forfeit will eliminate the team from further competition in that sport and will result in an additional deduction of half the sports participation points. This applies to regular season and post-season games, including the All-Campus Championship.

Any team that participates with an ineligible player will receive a forfeit loss for each game in which the ineligible player participated. A forfeit(s) will result in a loss of participation points as indicated above (See Participant Eligibility).

Points awarded are dependent upon the sport and its classification. The Intramural Sports Office may choose to aware additional participation points for a given sport or special event. The following classifications will be used:

League Sports
Sport Points Availability
Entry 1st 2nd  3rd  4th Frat. Soro.
Basketball 30 100  70  40 40 X X
 Wheelchair Basketball 30 100  70  40 40 X
Soccer 30 100  70  40 40 X X
Archery 60 100  70  40 40 X X
Bowling 30 100  70  40 40 X X
Softball 60 100  70  40 40 X X
Summer Basketball 30 100  70  40 40 X
Summer Softball 30 100  70  40 40 X
Ultimate 30 100  70  40 40 X
Fall Softball 30 100  70  40 40 X
Flag Football 30 100  70  40 40 X X
Indoor Soccer 30 100  70  40 40 X
Volleyball 30 100  70  40 40 X X


Tournament and Individual Sports
Sport Points Availability
Entry 1st 2nd  3rd  4th Frat. Soro.
Pre-Season Basketball 20 50 30 15 15 X X
Tennis Singles 10 25 15 10 10 X X
4-on-4 Flag Football 20 50 30 15 15 X
CRI Open Golf 40 25 15 10 10 X X
Kickball 20 50 30 15 15 X X
Pre-Season Flag Football 20 50 30 15 15 X X
Dodgeball 20 50 30 15 15 X
Cornhole 10 50 30 15 15 X X
Tennis Doubles 10 25 15 10 10 X X
CRI Golf Championship 10 25 15 10 10 X X
GPC Flag Football Qualifier 20 50 30 15 15 X X
Battleship 40 25 15 10 10 X X
Fall Classic Basketball 20 50 30 15 15 X X
Swim Meet 10 25 15 10 10 X X

Last updated: 1/11/2016

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