Scheduling Forms

All requests must meet the criteria and follow the procedures outlined in the Rescheduled Game Policies & Procedures.

A request to reschedule a game will be considered valid and approved if it is deemed a conflict which involves a majority of all the team members. This process must be initiated and completed, including confirmation of a new date and/or time, at least 2 business days prior to the originally scheduled game time.

Please, use the reschedule function on your IMLeagues Team Page.

Complete the Playoff Scheduling Request Form below to request consideration when scheduling your team for a sport’s playoffs (following the regular season). Note that potential conflicts must involve a majority of your team members to be considered. There is no guarantee that requests can be honored.

Information to provide below:

  • Men’s/Women’s AND Co-Rec team in same sport involving same players
  • Your team’s participation in other intramural sports which may conflict
  • General team availability (potential class conflict, etc.)

This request form must be submitted at least one (1) day prior to the playoff schedule posting date for that sport. See specific details in each sport’s description in IMLeagues.

Team Information


Indicate any remaining games scheduled for the sport(s) below that coincide with the playoff sport’s tournament timeframe.



Last updated: 10/18/2016

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