Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall at the RAC

The RAC Climbing Wall is 45 feet to the top and made from the mold of a real rock face!


Fall & Spring
Monday – Thursday: 4 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Friday: 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Monday – Thursday: 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.


November 22 – December 1 and December 13 – January 12

Climbing Wall Rules
  • The climbing wall supervisor’s word is final.
  • All belayers must hold a current belay certification through Southern Adventures and are required to check-in with a valid ID before hand.
  • Non-marking, closed toed, athletic or climbing shoes only. No barefoot climbing.
  • Secure loose jewelry/glasses and remove all objects from pockets before climbing.
  • No food, drink, or gum/candy is allowed in the climbing wall area.
  • All personal equipment must be approved by the climbing wall staff.
  • Climbing helmets are recommended and are available upon request.
  • Un-roped climbing in the climbing wall area outside of regular hours is prohibited.
  • Please be courteous and respectful to other participants.
  • Climb safely and have fun!
Top Rope Climbing

Top-rope climbing is climbing that is done utilizing a safety rope that is connected to an anchor point at the top of the climb.

One end of the rope is attached to the climber, and then runs up to the top of the climb, through an anchor, and back down to a safety person (known as a belayer). As the climber climbs, the belayer will take up the slack in the rope. If the climber should slip, they will not fall to the ground as they are attached to the safety line and caught by the belayer. After reaching the highest point that they can, the climber is gently lowered safely back to the ground by the belayer.

Lead Climbing

Lead Climbing differs from Top-Rope Climbing in that the climber is clipping the rope into quickdraws as they ascend. These quickdraws act as the anchor that supports the climber if they fall.

The major difference from top-roping, that defines sport climbing as a form of lead climbing is that the climber is climbing above their anchor. Sport Climbing also requires a different form of belaying, and an even more intimate knowledge of climbing technique.

Climbing Wall Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I know how to belay, can I belay at the GSU Climbing Wall?

A. You will need to pass our belay test before you are able to belay at the rock wall.

Q. How tall is the climbing wall?

A. The shorter wall is 35’ and the taller wall is 45’.

Q. Do you have to know how to climb to be able to use the wall?

A. Not at all. We have student employees available that are very passionate about climbing and teaching others how to climb. We welcome all climbing skill levels at the climbing wall.

Q. Is there specific attire I need to wear in order to use the climbing wall?

A. You must wear closed toe shoes at the wall. Rental climbing shoes are available at the equipment checkout desk. Athletic clothing is recommended and jewelry is not permitted.

Bouldering Cave

Bouldering is climbing at a level low enough to the ground as to reduce the chances of getting hurt in the event of a fall.



Climbers participating in bouldering are generally less concerned with how high they climb, and focus instead on the difficulty of the climbing moves they can accomplish. Bouldering is a great way to train specific technique and to develop real climbing strength.

The bouldering cave is open concurrently with the RAC. Please see RAC hours for more information.

Last updated: 9/16/2015

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