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Campus Recreation & Intramurals offers participants an impressive Aquatics Center located at the Recreation Activity Center (RAC). The Aquatics Center is for participants who enjoy swimming, diving, aqua aerobics or simply relaxing in the pool.

Aquatics Center Amenities

The Aquatics Center also offers a number of special programs such as swim lessons, lifeguard classes, and incentive programs. Amenities include: 

  • 25 yd x 25 m Competition Lap Pool
  • 1-meter and 3-meter Diving Boards
  • Indoor/Outdoor Whirlpool
  • Sauna
  • Men’s, Women’s and Family Locker Room Facilities
  • Outdoor Leisure Pool

Contact Us

Georgia Southern University
P.O. Box 8078
Statesboro, GA 30460

PHONE: 912-478-5436
FAX: 912-478-1892

Aquatic Center Staff


Assistant Director – Aquatics
(912) 478-5436

Julia Gorska

Graduate Assistant
(912) 478-5436

Klayton Carter

Aquatic Intern
(912) 478-5436

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the Indoor Competition Pool temperature?
A. 81° Fahrenheit 

Q. How deep is the deep end of the competition (indoor) pool?
A. 13.5 feet

Q. How deep is the deepest end of the leisure (outdoor) pool?
A. 4.5 feet


Q. What is the temperature of the whirlpools?
A. 102° Fahrenheit

Q. What is the temperature of the sauna?
A. 150° Fahrenheit

Q. What are the health issues regarding the sauna?
A. Since the temperature of the sauna is extremely high, it causes skin temperature to soar to about 104° F within minutes. The average person will pour out a pint of sweat during a short stint in a sauna so it is important to remain well hydrated. The pulse rate jumps by 30% or more, allowing the heart to nearly double the amount of blood it pumps each minute. Most of the extra blood flow is directed to the skin; in fact, the circulation actually shunts blood away from the internal organs. Blood pressure is unpredictable, rising in some people but falling in others.

Q. What is the recommended time spent in the sauna?
A. Due to the health concerns time spent in the sauna is restricted to 30 minutes at a time and patrons are not allowed to wear any sweat suits.

Q. Is the outdoor pool opened year round?
A. The outdoor pool is only opened from April – October. Weather permitting, the pool can stay open longer or be closed earlier.

Q. Is there swim equipment I can use?
A. Yes. Pool Patrons have access to kickboards, pull buoys, hand paddles, aqua jogger belts, water weights, and noodles.

Q. How many diving boards are there? How high are they?
A. There are 2 diving boards: a 1-meter board and a 3-meter board.

Q. When can the diving boards be used?
A. Diving boards can be used by patrons anytime the pool is open as long as the area around the pool is not being used.

Q. Does CRI supply pool towels?
A. No, the green workout towels are not to be used in the Aquatics Center.

Q. Is the Aquatics Center handicap accessible?
A. Yes, we have a chair lift and wide stairs entrances.

Q. How do I register for Swim Lessons?
A. Campus Recreation & Intramurals offers swim lessons for Georgia Southern students, faculty, and staff who have paid RAC fees. Participants who meet the requirements can sign up at the Member Service Desk.

Q. What American Red Cross classes are offered through CRI?
A. Lifeguarding, CPR/AED, First Aid, Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Instructor courses.

Q. Who can use the diving blocks?
A. Starting blocks may only be used by Swim Club and Swim Team under the supervision of a coach.

Q. Who do I contact for reservations?
A. For pool reservations, please follow the facility reservation procedure.

Q. Can I reserve the pool for private reservations?
A. Yes, but it must be after hours.

Q. When does CRI/Aquatics hire for lifeguards?
A. Aquatics hires in February for the fall and October for the spring. Visit the CRI Employment page for more information.

Last updated: 1/29/2021