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Club Sports

Do you have the skills, passion and desire it takes to be the member of a traveling sports team? As a part of the Department of Recreation & Wellness, the Club Sports Program is designed to provide opportunities for the Armstrong community to further their common interests in an activity through participation and competition. Each program is a registered student organization, designed to bring together students with similar sporting interests. These programs are devised to promote and develop student leadership and development within the organization.

Current Clubs

Men's RugbyRecruiting
Brazilian Jiu JitsuRecruiting
Women's SoccerRecruiting
Men's SoccerAnthony Crimelyac31131@georgiasouthern.eduActive
Dance TeamTaylor Howardth20953@georgiasouthern.eduActive
Men's BasketballRecruiting
Women's BasketballRecruiting
TennisAnna Lordal20872@georgiasouthern.eduActive
Ultimate FrisbeeRecruiting
BoxingJacob Mirandajm46847@georgiasouthern.eduActive
Disc GolfMatthew Mahoneymm50692@georgiasouthern.eduActive

Start a Club

If you are interested in starting a club or have questions on how to join please email Sean Willett at or call at 912-344-3295.

Last updated: 1/30/2020