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RAC Parking For Thursday Night Football

On Thursday, September 25 beginning at 1pm, the Recreation Activity Center (RAC) parking lot will be closed except to gameday parking pass holders.  All vehicles be be removed immediately to avoid towing.  After 12pm, students and staff may park in the numbered commuter lots on campus.  Recommended lots include 12, 30 and 42.

The RAC will also close at 9pm on Thursday, September 25.

Starting at 1pm, the Golf Route will only service the Gameday Shuttle Stop of Akins Boulevard for RAC patrons.  The Gameday Shuttle Stop is located at the north entrance to the RAC off Akins Blvd.  The Gameday Shuttle Stop of Akins Blvd will be bypassed while heading into campus and serviced as the last stop before returning to Paulson Stadium.  When walking to/from the Gameday Shuttle Stop and your vehicle, please use the sidewalk.

The Golf Route will continue to service the Gameday Shuttle Stop until the end of regular transit service at 9pm.  The Golf Route will resume normal service at the Golf Route Shuttle Stop of the RAC Friday morning.

For more information or for questions, please contact Parking & Transportation.












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