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Injury Prevention & Care cares about your physical well-being

Athletic trainers are known for their quick responses to an injury that has occurred during some form of physical exercise. However, here at Campus Recreation and Intramurals (CRI), their duties extend beyond just being a response team.
The Injury Prevention and Care team (IPC) consists of three athletic trainers who are focused on not only attending to injuries, but also working to prevent injuries from happening to those who are either working out, playing hoops or taking advantage of the many other activities the RAC has to offer.

Cory Gentile, MS, LAT, ATC, PES

“Athletic trainers specialize in prevention of injury, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate care, treatment, and rehabilitation,” said Cory Gentile, Coordinator for IPC.
The IPC staff has truly embraced their prevention mantra and want the patrons of Campus Recreation and Intramurals (CRI) to know that preventing an injury is just as important as taking the time to decompress after a workout.
Jenna Morogiello, Coordinator for IPC, states that CRI focuses on three areas of prevention: prevention education, pretreatments and corrective exercises. “Reprogramming motor patterns in patients and working on muscle strength are equally as important in furthering the prevention of an injury. Another key aspect of care is prevention education because most patients don’t know if it is too soon to get back to playing or if they should even be playing/participating at all, ” explains Morogiello.

Jenna Morogiello, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS

Marissa Garcia, a frequent patron of programs at CRI recently sought out the services of IPC. Garcia came to us post-injury to work with Morogiello. One of Garcia’s main takeaways from her treatment with IPC were measures to help prevent future injuries. “The great thing about IPC is that they are not just athletic trainers,” said Garcia, “they really take the time to truly care about what is going on with their patients as well as the injury and that makes a difference. They taught me techniques that will help me avoid injury in the future.”
Injury prevention is important for long-term health and knowing how to keep injuries from happening is just as crucial as learning how to take care of yourself post-injury. IPC helps its patrons with both pre and post treatments, and want you to know that asking questions is essential in learning how best to take care of your body. To ensure the safety and equal opportunity for all patrons, IPC’s services are completely free to those who are members of the RAC.
Hours for IPC are Monday to Thursday from 3-11 p.m. and Sundays from 6-11 p.m.

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