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Club Sports programs receive local and national attention

It has been quite the year for Campus Recreation and Intramurals’ Club Sports programs. On Sunday, April 29, the Club Sports program held their annual end of the year awards banquet. For the 2017-2018 sports year, Eagle Disc Golf, the Disc Golf club, was awarded Club of the Year honors. The Club of the Year award is presented to the club which has made outstanding contributions to the Club Sports program, and continuously takes great strides to improve their club. The Disc Golf club excelled all year, surpassing all expectation and requirements, both on and off the field. They serve as a role model to other teams in the areas of service, on/off-campus involvement, attendance, communication, participation, recruitment, teamwork, leadership and how they operate as a club. They take great pride and ownership in their club and its success, including finishing in the top Gold Level (only other Club to do so was Equestrian) for the Wings Incentive program. Also named at the Club Sports Banquet was the Men’s Lacrosse Team for most improved club.

The Wings Incentive Program was established to recognize those organizations who make it a priority to improve themselves as a whole, and the experience of each of their members. The program aims to provide opportunities for organizations to earn points from meaningful and productive experiences.

Throughout the year we’ve had many of our Club Sports programs get some attention both regionally and nationally. Our Quiddich team was interviewed on WSAV for the evening news and our Equestrian team had several members were named IHSA National All-Academic Award recipients, just to name a couple highlights. Additionally, several of our teams and individuals have gone on to/will be going to compete in their respective regional and national tournaments.


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