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CRI Officiates at National Flag Football Championships

Over Winter Break, Georgia Southern Campus Recreation and Intramurals had 4 officials, 3 staff, and 2 teams participate in the National Flag Football Championships in Round Rock, Texas. Our two teams were men’s team ClampU and co-rec team RacYard Bullies. This was ClampU’s first appearance at the national tournament and RacYard Bullies’ third. Both teams made it to the playoffs but fell short in their first playoff game. Still, both teams were considered in the top 25 collegiate teams in the country. 

The four officials from CRI that officiated the tournament were Brandon Miller, Hugh Grenade, Broderick Hammond, and Carter Farley. Brandon Miller and Hugh Grenade both had the honor of officiating championship games at the tournament, while all four of the officials are considered to be in the top 40 of student officials in the country.

Pictured below are staff members Ryan Wingers, Brian Veverka, and Derick Hurst, along with the four officials. There were also significant Georgia Southern CRI alumni at the tournament who are still involved in the field. 

Staff Members Ryan Wingers, Brian Veverka, and Derek Hurst along with 4 officials that represented CRI.

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