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Start a Club

The first step to establishing a new Club Sport at Georgia Southern University is to become a university recognized student organization.  All potential student organizations must follow the steps established by the Office of Student Activities. Including:
  1. Have at least four (4) chartering members. Each member must be currently enrolled at Georgia Southern University. Note: One of the four students must be designated as the initial Registered Agent. The Registered Agent is the legal contact and spokesperson for the group. Each chartering member must possess a minimal 2.0 cumulative GPA. (OSA staff reserves the right to check the officer’s academic standing).
  2. Secure an organizational Advisor. The advisor must be a full-time faculty/staff member at Georgia Southern University and have been employed with the university for at least 6 months.
  3. Draft a Constitution/Bylaws that will govern your organization. A sample constitution can be found here.
  4. Have two (2) chartering members complete the New Student Organization Chartering Workshop. Note: One of these officers must be the registered agent (president). The schedule for these workshops can be found below.
  5. After completion of the New Student Organization Chartering Workshop, one of the organization’s chartering members must submit an official, new organization registration form (with a formal Constitution) via MyInvolvement.

Once an organization has gained recognition by the university, they may apply to become a Club Sport.  Any recognized student organization wishing to join the Club Sports Program must submit a formal written proposal by March to be considered for membership.

Contact Klee Sellers at 912-478-5436 or

Last updated: 4/11/2022