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CRI Employment

Are you interested in joining the CRI family?

CRI Job Fair: February 13 – March 3

All positions require a cover letter, resume and application.  Student applicants must apply through the Student Employment Center.

Students should apply online:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on job posting
  3. Search for on campus positions
  4. Find position
  5. Apply

Have questions about employment at CRI? You can find our staff to help you at the following locations:

Date  Campus Locations
 RAC Locations
TBD Russell Union Bus Stop ~
TBD Outside Dining Commons ~
TBD Outside Lakeside Café RAC Lobby
TBD Forrest Drive Bus Stop RAC Lobby
TBD ~ RAC Lobby
TBD ~ RAC Lobby

Explore the following links to see what we have to offer:


Last updated: 2/4/2017