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Group Fitness Class Descriptions

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Cycle 45

This 45 minute indoor cycling class lets you work out at your own pace and challenge your body like never before! Cycling is perfect for anyone who needs a low impact cardiovascular workout.

Cycle & Core

Prepare to sweat and strengthen your core! You will spend the first half of the class on the bike for a cycle work out and spend the last half of the class doing core and ab work. Combining two great forms of group fitness, this class is sure to keep you engaged.

Hip-Hop Cycle

An indoor cycling class that is centered around hip-hop jams. You can expect this genre of music to really bring the rhythm and the fun to your cycle class.

Cycle & Yoga

An indoor cycling class that works on your cardiovascular fitness as well as connecting the mind and body. Part of the class will be spent on the bike, while the rest will be spent on the yoga mat.


This mind & body discipline follows exercises that activate, isolate, and stabilize deep core muscles to deliver optimal strength, flexibility, and endurance. You will leave feeling strong and toned!

Vinyasa Yoga

This yoga class is taught in a Vinyasa style, where poses flow from one to the other and each movement is coordinated with your breath. This energetic class will increase heart rate and muscular strength, while improving balance, flexibility, and focus. All levels are welcome.


Yoga classes at the RAC are taught by certified individuals. In yoga classes you will be working on your strength, flexibility, mindfulness and overall wellness. Each instructor has his or her own style, participants are encouraged to try all of our yoga classes and find the instructor that’s right for you! Modifications are provided in every class so whether you are a beginner or an expert you can really get what you need most out of each class.

Short Circuit

Short Circuit is a one of a kind stress relieving class that is fun, helps close your exercise ring, combines cardio and strength, and improves overall well-being. Short circuit incorporates circuit style training that will help you relieve stress and get a workout in at the same time. Classes are offered in 30 minute and 45 minute duration options.

Awesome Abs

Working the abs and back are key to building a strong and shapely core. Strengthen and tone your midline and back in this quick, but fun and effective 20 minute class.


Kick and punch up the cardio! This class will have your whole body moving and heart pumping in a high intensity setting. Kick your stress and have a great time doing it.

H.I.I.T. the Beat

This High Intensity Interval Training class, featuring cardio, body resistance, and strength movements is a total body knockout. H.I.I.T. is designed to push you through bursts of near maximal effort, followed by short recovery periods. This class is the perfect addition to ramp up your exercise routine!

Hip Hop Jam

A choreography based class with good beats and killer moves. You will feel like the next Beyoncé and want to show off all of your moves to your friends!


Pound™ is an invigorating cardio class that makes you feel like a rock star. By using the ripsticks, you will tone your upper body, work your core, and make a lot of noise. The first 15 people to each class will be able to use the ripsticks. If no ripsticks are left, you will still get a great workout and have tons of fun! Let’s play some drums and workout to the beat of the music!

Body Sculpt

Body sculpting (or core conditioning) is a non-aerobic, muscle-toning class, usually focused on core strength. In this class you can expect to use barbells and dumbells to get an amazing muscular strength/ muscular endurance style workout. Squats, lunges, bicep curls, oh my! It is super fun and the class is perfect for any fitness level.


Ditch the workout and join the party! Zumba® is for everybody. We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning dance fitness party. Once the Latin and international Rhythms take over, you’ll see why Zumba® Fitness is often called a workout in disguise. Zumba® is a total workout, combining all elements of fitness: Cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility! Expect boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.


Step aerobics is a classic cardio workout. It’s lasted for decades for two simple reasons: It delivers results and it is a blast. Step aerobics classes are accessible for everyone, they are an essential part of group fitness and we are proud to continue to expose students to this super fun workout, bring your friends. Each class you attend you will feel more and more like a pro. Leg warmers optional!

Last updated: 9/12/2018