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Small Group Training

What is Small Group Training?

Small Group Training is a group training program that offers unique training styles in a setting that allows adequate attention to each individual.


Session Registration Classes
Session 3 1/13/20 – 1/24/20 1/27/20 – 3/6/20
Session 4 3/2/20 – 3/20/20 3/23/20 – 5/1/20

What Is Your Goal?

Why should I do Small Group Training?

Small Group Training provides all the benefits of a personal trainer for a fraction of the price! Whether you’re trying to get stronger, lose weight, work on lifting technique, or meet new friends while exercising, Small Group Training allows you to obtain your fitness goals while participating in a community atmosphere.

Who is Small Group Training for?

That’s the best part! Small Group Training is for anyone! Many of our classes require no exercise experience to get started. It’s great for those looking to get into fitness or step up their current workout routine.

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Drew DeJohn

Passion: Aiding in the progress of individuals’ goals is where my passion for fitness really comes out. The impact I can have on someone and their impact on me is what drives me to become the best personal trainer I can be.

Fitness Background: As a four year collegiate athlete, I have been immersed in the fitness realm my entire life. This is why I have been drawn to personal training. Spending a year as a collegiate strength and conditioning coach I learned valuable skills that will transition well into personal training. My passion for fitness transcends disciplines, but the areas I most enjoy are strength training, high intensity interval training, and running.

Sam Estep

Samantha is a GroupFit instructor, small group trainer and facilities supervisor at CRI. She is a junior exercise Science Major pursuing a doctors in physical therapy. She loves staying active by playing intramural sports and going on hikes. She encourages everyone to never stop improving!

Keagan Kiely

Keagan Kiely is the Fitness program director here at Campus Recreation and Intramurals. He graduated from Georgia Southern University as a double eagle, majoring in exercise science. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), certified sports nutritionist (CISSN) and certified USA weightlifting coach (USAW). Keagan played in sports during his high school career before shifting to bodybuilding and CrossFit competitions. Keagan strives to create a fun environment that encourages people to push themselves and improve each and every workout!

Jefferson Kim

Back in high school I did cross country and track but didn’t get serious about fitness until college. Once I came to college I got a lot more interested in weight lifting and building strength. However I have been in and out of physical therapy for various things, but that experience made me more aware of the importance of flexibility and proper form for pain-free living.

Brian Olex

8-year Marine veteran. Exercise Science major with a goal to pursue physical therapy. Certificate from NASM-CPT, PES. Enjoys being out in the woods, hunting, and fishing. Loves designing workout programs that involve cross training or focus primarily on building a competition ready physique.

Sara Damery

Passion for Training: Training allows me to work individually with people in a unique way that really provides them the opportunity to learn how much they are truly capable of. I believe that everyone is stronger than they think and I love being able to provide an encouraging and challenging atmosphere for clients to learn and grow as they reach and exceed their goals.

Fitness Background: I was always active as a kid but fell away from athletics in high school. I discovered a new passion for health and fitness during my time in undergrad at the University of Central Florida through yoga and weight training. It wasn’t long before I began teaching yoga and soon after started working one on one with clients as a Personal Trainer. I’m currently the Fitness Graduate Assistant for Campus Recreation and Intramurals and have continued to learn in my own techniques and modalities of fitness. I believe there really is something out there for everyone when it comes to fitness whether it’s yoga, Olympic weightlifting, HIIT style classes, or Intramural sports. It’s truly just about getting started and finding out what you have the most fun doing!

Certifications: ACSM CPT, USAW Level 1, RYT 200

Morgan Hay

What’s up Eagle Nation! My name is Morgan Hay and I am a senior exercise science major here at Georgia Southern. I strive to engage people in physical activity, no matter what that looks like. I enjoy all forms of exercise from flipping tires outside to racquetball with friends. A healthy lifestyle is absolutely possible, and I’d be happy to help you on that journey!

Certifications: First Aid, CPR, Sport First Aid, Coach Certified (Human Kinetics), ACE

Jessica Whitacre

Passion for Training: I love helping people reach their goals and seeing the impact I can have on someone while also helping them discover their own passion for fitness.

Fitness Background: I have always been very active and loved any activities that were sports related or just being outdoors. I used to barrel race and became a horseback riding instructor in high school, then realizing I had a passion for coaching. Around that same time, I got into long distance running and discovered HIIT and CrossFit style training and began to fall in love with fitness. Soon after that I found myself in a gym, and have been in love with weight training ever since. Coming to college I realized I missed the coaching aspect of horseback riding and applied it to my passion in the gym. I find that HIIT and weight training are my favorite ways to train but am constantly trying out different types of exercises and am open to anything that comes my way.

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, SCW H.I.T.T Specialist, Schwinn Cycle Instructor, SCW Barre Instructor

Last updated: 2/26/2020