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Group Fitness Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does participating in group fitness classes cost anything?

A. The group fitness program is included in your RAC Membership. The only time there is an additional cost is if it is a special program. Anything on the weekly schedule is available to you as long as you are a RAC member.

Q. Do I need to sign up for a group fitness class to attend it?

A. Yes, to ensure your spot in the class you can reserve your spot up to 7 days in advance using the IMLeagues app or via If you decide not to attend a class, please unregister via IMLeagues to allow space for other participants.

Q. I just started working out. Can I go to any of the classes?

A. Yes, our classes are created for everyone at all ability levels. The instructor will show modifications throughout the class. If you have any questions regarding a specific class, feel free to talk to the instructor before or after the class.

Q. How early should I arrive to participate in the class?

A. Usually people arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to the beginning of most classes. Everyone waits outside of the rooms for the previous class to finish and exit before entering.

Q. Do I need to bring anything with me to group fitness classes?

A. We recommend that you bring a reusable water bottle to all of our classes. The only class that requires a water bottle is spin. CRI provides towels for use in the facility (outside of the aquatics center). You will need to have a towel with you to participate in spin. Bringing personal yoga mats or Pilates mats is acceptable in the mind/body classes. We do not allow personal free weights to be brought to the classes for use.

Q. Where can I find the group fitness schedule?

A. You can find the schedule on the CRI website and our instagram @gsgroupfit. The schedule is also posted outside of the studios.

Q. Are there group fitness classes on the weekends?

A. Yes, we offer a select few classes on the weekends. You can find those selections on our website. The weekend classes will change from semester to semester.

Q. Does the group fitness schedule ever change?

A. Yes, the schedule changes every semester and during finals week. During the semester, our schedule will change on nights that we have fundraising events and around holidays. You can find changes to the schedule on our website.

Q. How do I become a group fitness instructor?

A. The position is normally posted around the same time as the CRI job fair. We do not hire every semester. There is typically a 15-minute tryout in the class format that you desire to teach, an in-person interview, and final hiring is based on the passing and completion of a certification that pertains to the class format that you will be teaching. Certifications that we commonly accept are: AFAA Primary Group Fitness, ACE Group Fitness, Zumba, Beachbody LIVE, Pound™, Schwinn, Maddog Cycle, Les Mills, YogaFit, SCW Yoga Fundamentals I, Pilates Coach, PEAK Pilates, and SPIN. Details on tryouts and job postings will be available on the website when we are accepting applications.

Q. Can I wear Vibrams to class?

A. Yes, you can wear Vibrams to all classes, with the exception of spin. When participating in spin, you should wear a sturdy shoe. Our only request is that you wear an athletic based shoe into the RAC. Pilates and Yoga are done barefoot.

Q. Can I attend a group fitness class if I arrive late?

A. After the conclusion of the warm up, participants can no longer enter the class to participate. This is for safety reasons, and the warm up is only 5 to 10 minutes in length. If the instructor teaching the class feels that jumping into a class late would in anyway jeopardize the safety of the participant, they reserve the right to not allow them to participate.

Last updated: 9/17/2020