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CRI TRI (Sprint Triathlon)


*Registration Deadline: TBD


*Participants will be given an exact time based on their heat closer to the event and MUST arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to their start time


Recreation Activity Center (RAC)
2687 Akins Blvd, Statesboro, GA 30458


Event open to GS Students, Faculty/Staff and guests



Swim: 500mSwim: 250m
Bike: 8 mileBike: 4 mile
Run: 2 mileRun 1 mile

Event Description

Both divisions will contain a swim, bike and run, in that order. The distances for each will be different between each division (see below).

  • Swim: Swim will take place in the Recreation Activity Center Aquatics Center. Each participant will be assigned a single lane in which they will complete the entire swim. After the swim is completed, verified by the event volunteer, the participant will exit the aquatic center to start the bike section.
  • Bike: This event will utilize the Schwinn spin bike at the RAC Band Shell outside. Cycling shoes will not be provided nor needed to participate. Once the ride has been completed and verified, participants will begin their run.
  • Run: Participants will run a defined distance dependent upon their division. Maps coming soon!
  • Transitional area: The outdoor pool area will be a designated area for participants to transition from to bike/run. Participants will also be allowed to keep shoes or nourishment by their designated bike.

Participants may voluntarily withdraw themselves from an event or the whole competition. Refunds will not be given in any circumstances

Participant Attire

  • Athletic bottoms are required and shirt use is up to the discretion of the participant.  However if a shirt is to be worn, it must be tight fitting and snug to prevent risk of injury.
  • Profanity on attire is absolutely prohibited.
  • Closed toed shoes are mandatory.
  • Any type of dangling, loose or wrist jewelry is prohibited during competition. This includes watches, bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and any other type of jewelry not mentioned.
  • Goggles will not be provided.
  • Spin shoes are not required.
  • Bathing suits are encouraged but not required.

Other Recommendations

Due to the nature of the event and its location, please brings:

  • Water bottle or some type of fluid replacement.
  • Water coolers/cups will be provided for participants only.
  • Sun protection.
  • Personal towel if needed. CRI towels will not be allowed or given out.
  • Alternate footwear needed depending on the event.
  • Snacks or food. Some food items will be provided for participants only.

2021 Results

Dan Baker33:21:00Recreational
Joshua Barker55:40:00Competitive
Charles Bowen64:55:00Competitive
Emma Brazeau41:10:00Competitive
Veda Broderick43:17:00Recreational
Sarah Buchanan42:20:00Competitive
Lauren Chaves43:30:00Recreational
Andrew Crawford33:43:00Recreational
Mandy Davenport63:20:00Competitive
Drew DeJohn44:10:00Competitive
Gracie Griffith30:41:00Recreational
Lucas Haaren26:34:00Recreational
Rachel Hott28:39:00Recreational
Sara Johnson63:32:00Competitive
Connor Marshall28:28:00Recreational
Conner Martin54:15:00Competitive
Todd Olsen32:48:00Recreational
Elijah Phillips31:47:00Recreational
Hayleigh Sanders61:10:00Competitive
Brian Veverka30:29:00None

Last updated: 3/23/2022