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Dodgeball Champions!

As the dodgeball season comes to a close, we have seen many different players go above and beyond the call of duty in a fight for the championships.  However, out of the forty teams that began the season…, only two would have the opportunity to call themselves intramural champions.

In the CoRec division, Innocent Until Proven Filthy emerged as the front runners for the title as playoffs started, having not lost a single game.  However, they had Picked Last right on their tails, also undefeated.  The two would eventually face off in the championship game, where some incredible catches by Picked Last’s Claire Wilson would lead them to a 3-1 victory.

Picked Last

Picked Last

In the Men’s Championships, five total teams had never lost a game, but only one had never lost a single match: Dilligaf.  Nonetheless, my frontrunner to take home the cup was Pick-A-Prof.  This proved to be a mistake, as they got ousted by the Wrench Dodgers in the opening round of the playoffs, 3-1.  The dark horse 5 seed in the whole tournament was Las Vegas Police Department, who had some big arms on the team.  These same big arms proved to be enough to take home the title of the Men’s Champions.

Congratulations to this season’s dodgeball champs, Picked Last and Las Vegas Police Department.  Thanks to everyone who came out and participated, and we hope to see you next season!


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