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Halfway through Softball

Softball is just over halfway done and although the first half of the season has been marred by uncooperative weather, some teams have already made some early statements.

On the Men’s Competitive side of things, Dinger Derby and Slappin’ Pitches have not really been tested.  They have both won all of their games rather handily, combining impressive offensive displays and stingy defense….  These early season blowouts are making them the teams to beat.  Past these two teams, there are a collection of dark-horse squads that could make life difficult for their future opponents.  It’s tough to call because of the odd schedule thus far, but teams like Diligaf and Sigma Phi Epsilon have put on some clinical displays at times, making them teams to watch.

For Co-Rec, there are stand-out teams and then the rest.  Leading the league according to the IMOnline rating system are the Ditch Chickens, but they may not actually be the best team.  Magic Mike and The girls have an impressive run differential, scoring 30 runs en route to two victories while only allowing eight to score.  When it comes to sheer firepower, Tuff Draw takes the cake.  While it may not have been in the best spirit of sportsmanship, putting 42 runs on the scoreboard is no easy task.

In the end, the second half of the season promises to be exciting.  Which teams will come out of the woodwork and make themselves known in the playoffs?


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