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Fall Softball Playoffs

It’s the second most wonderful time of the year folks!  October is here, meaning plenty of awesome things are headed our way.  The weather will start to cool off (hopefully), the color pink takes on a whole new meaning, everything edible suddenly has pumpkin in it, and playoff softball is upon us.

On the Men’s Competitive side, the clear favorite is still Dinger Derby.  They put… 36 on the board in their first round matchup and likely will not slow down.  The only teams that truly threaten them are Pi Kappa Alpha and Dilligaf, the latter of which could very well go ice cold during a game much like they did earlier in the season.  I’m going to take the easy pick here and say that Dinger Derby takes it all.

For Men’s Recreational league, it’s crowded at the top.  There are a few teams that achieved first round byes, all of which I can see winning it all.  Master Batters are the number one seed, and face an average Los Osos Blancos in the Quarterfinal.  Personally, I think the second-seeded Sigma Phi Epsilon will take it all, defeating the Master Batters in the final.

I have not really seen anything special out of the Corec recreational division (as expected) so I’ll just go ahead and pick the number one seeded Ditch Chickens to win it.

Last but not least, we have the Corec Competitive division.  It’s only a four team playoff, with Tuff Draw and Make It Nasty as the 1 and 2 seeds respectively.  Tuff Draw uses their unstoppable offensive firepower to win it all.

I can only hope that a team uses my picks as a fire to prove me wrong, that’s what makes this job fun.  Thanks to everyone who played Fall Softball this year.  I hope you all had fun participating and that you will return to play in the spring.


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