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Flag Football Regular Season Wrap Up

As week 5 comes to a close, we are nearing playoff time in Flag Football world.  On the Co-Rec Competitive side, H.F.T.O.Y. looks to be on the road to clinching the #1 overall seed after edging out Don’t CRI When We Win in week 4.  On the Co-Rec Recreational front …, the Dirty Birds are the only team sitting at (5-0), and are sporting a 176-6 scoring margin.  However, 50 Shades of Grass may have something brewing at (4-1) and a +126 margin.

The Women’s bracket is being completely DOMINATED by the Taco Twerkers who are at (4-0) and have never been scored on.  However, I can see RAC City (2-2) making a tough run come playoff season.  No favoritism here, I judge based on skill.

In Greek world, Fraternities Pi Kappa Phi, Kappa Sigma, and Alpha Tau Omega all sit at (5-0), and all have similar scoring margins AND sportsmanship ratings.  It should be an interesting Fraternity playoffs.  As for Sorority, the lovely ladies of Phi Mu sit atop the standings at (5-0) because of a gutsy win in week 1 versus the (4-1) Kappa Delta women.  Look out for the stout defense of Alpha Delta Pi to come out in the playoffs, however.

Through today, three different teams are (5-0) in the Men’s Competitive pool: Veterans of Decency, BENA JONES 7, and Dilligaf.  Both BENA JONES 7 and Dilligaf boast stalwart defenses, and it shows; both teams have given up only one touchdown.  However, the boys from BENA JONES 7 are just too nice to not get the #1 seed… the have gotten a 4.0 sportsmanship rating every game!  All I’m saying though?  Look for American Dream (4-1) to shock the world in the Men’s Competitive Playoffs.

Finally, to the Men’s Recreational pool.  Two teams currently sit at (5-0): TDs and Beer, and the battle-tested men of Dog Sitters Wanted.  Don’t be surprised if Dog Sitters Wanted fights all the way to a (10-0) season.  I’m still not ruling out (1-3) or Hernandez’s Pistol Offense (2-2) to make a late season push to the playoffs; those are my dark horses.

The rest of the season looks promising.  Who will step up and lead their teams to the ever-coveted championship shirts?  Who will prove me wrong?  Only time can tell.


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