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Flag Football Playoffs

Welp, it’s that time of the year again… the time of year that we’ve all been waiting for… Flag Football Playoffs!  The one seeds are as follows:

  • Co-Rec Competitive: H.F.T.O.Y.
  • Co-Rec Recreational: Dirty Birds
  • Fraternity: Pi Kappa Phi
  • Men’s Competitive: BENA JONES 7
  • Men’s Recreational: Dog Sitters Wanted
  • Sorority: Phi Mu
  • Women’s: Taco Twerkers

However…, even though these are the teams to beat, I think most of them can be.

In Co-Rec Competitive H.F.T.O.Y. looked a little shaky against a Don’t CRI When We Win team that has yet to find its balance earlier in the season, and Finesse has put up quite a scoring margin through the regular season.  Swagger Jax and the 1912 Titanic Swim Team have had some struggles, but still managed to pull out a .500 record and advance to the playoffs.

In Co-Rec Recreational, Dirty Birds look like they can’t be stopped, but I am confident that Some of Us Have Balls has been overlooked as a true championship contender.  Magic Mike & the Girls comes in hot at a strong #2 seed looking to meet whoever in the championship game.

The Fraternity Championship will come down to two teams: Pi Kappa Phi and Kappa Sigma; no other fraternities have the quarterback play that these two have.  They have a couple of young Johnny Manziel’s out there.

In the Men’s Competitive Championship, BENA JONES 7 looks to repeat as the champions, and Dilligaf is the team that they need to get through first.  Squad. had a tough last game against Team Kobe to drop them to (5-1) and from the 4 seed to the 10 seed.  My dark horse is still American Dream… trust in the American Dream.

In the Men’s Recreational Championship, Dog Sitters Wanted stand tall above all of the competition after handing it to a cocky Soup-a-Stars team, and TD’s and Beer sits right under them at #2.  Fast and Easy sits on the same side of the bracket as Dog Sitters Wanted, so they may have a difficult road to the championship game.  My super dark horse is still, so DO NOT count them out!  They won a tough final game to improve to .500; I am telling you, they will make a run.

In the Sorority bracket, the Phi Mu’s girls are #1 in the sport and #1 in our hearts.  The Kappa Deltas look to upset Georgia Southern’s favorite Sorority, however, and there is an intense game scheduled between Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Omicron Pi who have the best fans in the entire league.

Last but not least, the Women’s bracket.  Taco Twerkers.  Taco Twerkers.  Taco Twerkers.  Don’t Make Us Get RUF. and Ballz Deep Women’s are the closely matched #2 and #3 seeds, and my favorite RAC City sits at #4 after looking to bump up to #3 from a stunning blow out win last night.  Did I mention Taco Twerkers?

Be sure to come out to the Flag Football Playoffs for the next two weeks for some great Intramural Sports action!


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