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Basketball Primer

by Tyler Burroughs, Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant

We’ve hit the ground running here at Georgia Southern Intramural Sports, already starting the major sport for the spring semester – Basketball.  With the new system of “Competitive and Recreational” replacing the old “A, B, and C” leagues, it will be interesting to see how much competitive parity actually… exists here at Georgia Southern.

Although the season just started, we can analyze the pre-season tournament as well as the Fall Classic tournament to find our teams to look out for.

On the Men’s competitive side, FGxTG won both tournaments with dominant performances throughout.  They have a complete team with good shooting and excellent, athletic guard play.  The biggest regular season test they will face will be against GSU 1017 on February 12.  They match up pretty well athletically, but I do not think that GSU 1017 can keep up with the scoring of FGxTG.  Other Men’s teams that could make a splash are Pressure D and the enigmatic “Team.”

Sorry Recreational Men’s teams, no love to be found here.

On the Women’s side, I haven’t a clue if any sorority teams are competitive.  I’ll stay on the safe side with this one and proclaim Pippen Ain’t Easy as my pre-season favorite to win it all.  Until a sorority proves itself worthy of such a title, the current dark horse favorite is Team HK.

Co-Rec Basketball is not nearly as competitive as Co-Rec Football, but I might as well visit it a little right now.  maeT (the Co-Rec counterpart to “Team”) looks strong on paper and could very likely win the whole thing, but you cannot rule out Grovetown and Ashley.

Something new to look forward to this year is bi-weekly postings of power rankings, tournament talk, and bubble watch from GSU Intramurals’ own version of Andy Katz.  Coming from a Basketball-crazy school like Creighton University has kept me in tune with the inner workings of this wonderful sport, and since I cannot play it at all, I’ll stick with talking about it.  I encourage anyone and everyone that has opinions contrary to mine (when they are posted) to vent at our @GSUIntramurals Twitter!  Let’s get this season and the conversations going!


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