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Feb. Basketball Update

by Tyler Burroughs, Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant

Early Season Thrillers: What’s the best part of having a short season?  The games mean so much.  This was evident from the get-go as we had a handful of nail-biters.  In Competitive 1, Dilligaf needed everything they could get to squeak by Pippen Ain’t Easy by three.  Pressure D is off to a 2-0 start, but with both wins coming by a combined margin of 7 points.  RobinCrew pulled out all the… stops and fought to an impressive two-point victory over pre-season dark horse pick GS 1017.

CoRec Wrecking: CoRec Basketball is always hit or miss.  Most teams live and die by containing opposing girls and depending on their guys to generate the offense.  Every once in a while you get a rare team that relies on dominant girl play to put points on the board.  That one team this year is Team HK. They snuck by 1 man 1 dream by only two points, but did so behind 38 points from Kelsey Evans. This makes her the overall leading scorer in the entirety of CoRec thus far this season.

Bad Publicity is Better Than No Publicity: Ok Rec teams, I get it.  It’s tough to go out and play your hardest every game only to get overlooked by the powers that be for recognition (aka me).  That’s where the wonders of social media come into play.  I advocate you all to tweet your semi-reasonable opinions on Intramural basketball and maybe you’ll get some love.  Speaking of opinions, we have a few not-so-reasonable ones out there.  Gentlemen (and perhaps ladies), I recommend you keep your officials complaints respectable on social media following your game.  Especially when you won said game by double-digits…looking at you Mr. Glover…

What to Watch for: I’m not entirely cognizant of the actual sorority rivalries on campus, but what I do know is that Alpha Omicron Pi and Phi Mu are currently the top two sorority teams and they will clash on February 12th at 8 PM.  Should be a fun one for the atmosphere alone, as both chapters are known to represent well at games.  After being stunned by RobinCrew in their first game, GS 1017 will likely be hungry to bounce back strong, but Pre-Season favorite FGxTG won’t be an easy rebound opponent.  I think GS 1017 will come back with a vengeance and push FGxTG to their limits, but will finish next week 0-2.  You can catch that game at 6 PM on February 12th.

Moving Forward: Be ready next week for the start of what promises to be a much deeper and thorough analysis of each and every division.  I’ll take a peek forward and speculate who might end up where in the playoff bracket, recognize my All-Star picks, and highlight trends after three weeks of play.  If you want in on the conversation, tweet @GSUIntramurals and let your voice be heard!  Who knows, maybe you and/or your team might get some well-deserved spotlight time!


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