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Softball Feeler

Matt Jarman, Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant

We are over halfway through the softball season, and there are some obvious trends emerging.

Within the Co-Rec division, Pitch Slapped has run through all three of their opponents this year by a dominating margin of 57 runs to 12, all while garnering an outstanding 4.0 sportsmanship rating.   There are three teams that are (4-0), but none come close to… Pitch Slapped in my opinion.  This being said, keep a close watch on Scrubs: the team is (5-0) with three blowout wins.  My preseason pick, the Spry Vixens, was eliminated from playoff contention by a heartbreaking forfeit due to a lack of players.  The captain’s leadership was questioned after the forfeit.

In the Men’s Competitive division, all I have to say is “Chill-Yaself”.  They are sporting a (5-0) record with an 83 run margin.  On top of that, they have 3 players in the top 10 for at bats, 3 players in the top 10 for hits, and 4 players in the top 10 for runs.  They also lead all teams in any league in at bats, hits, home runs, and runs.  All of that being said, they are one of three teams that has been fortunate enough to play every game; Mother Nature is definitely on their side.  I still believe Bankwalkers, Swamp Donkeys, and You Hang Em We Bang Em would have much more production given five games.  My preseason pick Dilligaf has struggled in their two games, even with 8 players batting .500 or better.  It’s all about defense, baby.

In the Fraternity division, Alpha Tau Omega is the only team that remains undefeated.  They have a run margin of 32, and a stout 3.25 sportsmanship rating; nothing to scoff at.  I still believe Kappa Sigma’s one loss is a fluke; they have the best run margin and sportsmanship rating in the league, and Ethan McCallister has bombed four home runs in four games.  Be on the lookout for Pi Kappa Alpha and Pi Kappa Phi to make a late season push into the playoffs.

In the Men’s Recreational division, Long Haul Bombers have only allowed their opponents as many runs as they have wins this season: 5.  The Might Melonheads have allowed even less than that at 3.  There are four other teams with single digit runs allowed: Balls Deep, Hinesvegas, Ice Cold Pitchers, Sandlot Bangerz.  Tyler Stewart of Chicks Dig Our Thick Sticks leads the Men’s Recreational league in runs; he is a player to watch out for down the stretch.

In the Women’s division, Omega Phi Alpha has allowed a stunning 0 runs this season, and AOII has only allowed 4 while scoring 17.  However, the only ladies in the Women’s division with home runs are on the same team: Haley McCoy and Abigail Ormsby of GDIs.  Both of the ladies are also batting over .800, and GDIs sport the largest run margin of any women’s team.  I’m keeping my eye on the ladies of Phi Mu and the ladies of Delta Phi Epsilon to make a late season push into the playoffs.

Come out to the final two weeks of regular season softball to watch some interesting softball and see which teams come to play.



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