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Kickball Kickoff

Tyler Burroughs, Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant

playerName: Cody Parker

Year in school: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Baxley, Ga

One interesting fact: Cody has just received a job offer at James L. Oates 3rd Favorite intramural sport: Dodgeball

Favorite intramural sport moment: When Pickles (shown in picture on the left) got hit in the face with the dodgeball when he was the last man standing.


Team teamname: Saving Lives and Kicking Balls

How did you come up with that name:  “we are lifeguards for the RAC and playing kickball”

How did you form your intramural team: “all lifeguards, CRI till you die”

Why do you play intramural sports: “to get out of the fishbowl while team bonding”



Namempe: Justin Whiddon

Year in School: Junior

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Savannah, Ga

One interesting fact: Justin is a professional certified umpire, and also worked minor league baseball this past season.

Favorite memory working for intramural sports: When Wingers said “You actually weren’t that bad” in my first flag football game

How long working for intramural sports: this is Justin’s 3rd year

Why do you work for intramural sports: “to meet a lot of new interesting people, and to be around sports”


The Sport Report

We really hit the ground running (or kicking, rather) this year by opening up the start of school with our inaugural Kickball league.  I can gladly say that it was a resounding success!  The league filled up incredibly fast and most who played it wanted the season extended past its one-week deadline.  Unfortunately this one week opener was the only time slot we could squeeze the sport into.  I would imagine that with its fervent following, that Kickball will be expanded next year.

The year was set to kick off in grand fashion with four teams facing off in a simultaneous christening of kickball on Georgia Southern’s campus, but (in rather typical small-sport fashion) two of the opening teams failed to show.  We made the most of the forfeit and had an inaugural game regardless of what the scoresheet said.   Our first ever kickball matchup featured Freedom Kickers and The Episcopal Campus Ministry and was officiated by Umpire Aaron Isolda.  These individuals shall go down in Georgia Southern Intramural history as the pioneers of recreational sport on this wonderful campus.

Although there was not any form of playoffs for this inaugural league, I can still take the time to give a shoutout to our particularly dominant Kickball teams.  Ze Boots, Zone 6 Plug, Rekickulousness, Rubber Busters, and Sons of Pitches all went undefeated in their respective pools.  Zone 6 Plug put up rather impressive numbers, scoring 42 runs of their own while only allowing ten.  I wish there were something we could give these teams for their efforts, but it was only a recreational league.  At least it was fun, right?!

Ultimate, Fall Softball, and Flag Football will start up soon and we are looking forward to all the joys that those sports bring.  If you have a shoutout, want to get your team on the map, or want to engage in a little (friendly and appropriate) trash talk, tag it on twitter!  @GSUIntramurals and #TeamUp!


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