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The Ultimate Warriors

The Ultimate Warriors

September 8, 2014
Matt Jarman, Intramural Sports Graduate Assistant

Name: Gregory Foggitt
Year in school: Senior
Major: Sociology with a minor in business
Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
One interesting fact: Gregory has three sisters, a half-sister and two step- sisters
Favorite intramural sport: Ultimate Frisbee

Favorite intramural sport moment: Snagging on top of someone in a close game.


teamSep8Team name: Desert Eagles
How did you come up with that name: “The Desert Eagle is a cool gun”
How did you form your intramural team: “Friends and added free agents”
Favorite intramural sport moment: “Last night a player on our team got D’ed on a Frisbee throw and the disk jumped in the air and they shuffled it and still caught it. It lead to another two points.”

NaemployeeSep8me: TJ Carroll
Year in School: Senior
Major: Logistics
Hometown: Kennesaw, GA
One interesting fact: TJ was born in Los Angeles, CA.
Employee roll in intramural sports: TJ officiates all intramural sports as well as working with the high school association for football.
How long have you worked for intramural sports: This is TJ’s fourth year.
Why do you work for intramural sports: “It’s a good way to meet new people and it’s fun to run into everyone that comes out to play. It’s also a tight family for me at this point”

@itsJarm’s #IntramuralInsight

Ultimate: n. As in ultimate Frisbee- the game that is the sport that is rock (via UrbanDictionary)

Ultimate, once known as Ultimate Frisbee, is a sport that has caught fire on college campuses everywhere during recent years. On our own campus, there is quite a following as well, and the Intramural Sports Ultimate teams are evident. After one week, there has been blood, sweat, and tears shed on the North Fields of the Multiplex. I have seen airbenders throwing bullets, backhands, hucks, and hammers. I have seen Callahans (when the defensive team catches the opposing team’s pass in their endzone, similar to a safety in football). There are some excellent Iso players, and some Landsharks that are hustling unlike anything I have ever seen (they are the reason for the blood and tears).

Currently, William Papleacos is leading the league with an astounding SIX touchdown passes after only ONE game. His team, Team HK, absolutely overran their opponent in a heart wrenching 25-0 slaughter. The league’s leader in touchdown receptions is Robert Kellum of GS Wesley with FIVE touchdown receptions – that would tie an NFL record.

In the Co-Rec division, Team HK is looking like the team to beat. However, the early dark horses to take the crown are BCM Team and The HUCKstables. BCM Team put on a solid showing in their first outing with fourteen scores while only being scored on twice. In the men’s division, GS Wesley is far and away the best team. That being said, Cougar Bait is no slow leak; their big three of Zaki Durry, Cardinal Clarke, and James Kearney are among the best in the league.

As I standby to watch the remainder of the Ultimate regular season, I look forward to seeing some #SCTop10-caliber plays and some Olympic-caliber athletes. Head out to the North Fields of the Multiplex at the RAC Monday through Wednesday nights to watch some fast-paced, high-flying Ultimate action.


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