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The Sport Report – Sept. 16, 2014

So how’s the weather been lately? My dad asks me this almost every time I talk to him on the phone. Living in St. Louis, he is thrilled by the concept of it being 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside at 9 PM like it is here in Statesboro. Usually, I just give him the same answer: “It’s hot and it rained at (insert time) today. Other than that…, just like home, Dad.” this most recent call was a little different. “How is the weather?,” He asked. I had to temper my actual feelings for Mother Nature for a brief moment as I said to him “It has been nothing but a monsoon of disappointment and frustration.”

As the participants in our various sports going on at the moment, I’m sure you feel my pain here. Nothing is more frustrating than when you have wonderful facilities like we do here at Georgia Southern, only to have them ruined by a lot of water. One sport that has been particularly hit by the weather has been the Pre-Season Flag football tournament. Luckily, we were able to play all of our pool play games and we will (hopefully) play the tournament portion this Sunday. this allows me the freedom to make a slew of bold and likely incorrect predictions about the tournament.

There are only a few teams in this tournament and only one of them can win. Spoiler alert: it won’t be a fraternity team (maybe next year?). The obvious favorite is Team Kobe. They are an extremely athletic and organized team and they are the only team that gave last year’s champ Bena Jones any trouble. Victorious Secret will likely the team competing for the championship. They have a good group of guys and have a good feel for their offense. In the end, I have Kobe over VS 34 – 20.


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