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@itsJarm’s #IntramuralInsight

 Ultimate comes to a close!  As Georgia Southern University’s dark horse favorite sport comes to an end, there were many surprises and upsets throughout the season as well as in bracket play.  Before we get into Ultimate results…, we must first thank our amazing Campus Recreation & Intramurals Grounds Crew for keeping the North Fields playable throughout the time of our monsoons!  Mother Nature did not want us to play Ultimate, that is for sure.


First, let’s go over some player stats.  After the regular and post season, James Hollis of BAD House led the league in passing touchdowns with 36!  He could have been in competition with Peyton Manning this year.  Zaki Durry from Cunning Koalas had a great runner-up showing of 32 touchdowns.  For touchdown receptions, Nicholas Scott of the ever-fierce Destructo Disc had 26, and the runner up was our Peyton Manning: James Hollis again!  Big shoutout to Nicholas Scott though – he had his 26 receptions in only 6 games.. that’s over 4 per game!


In the Co-Rec Championships bracket, both BAD House and Cunning Koalas cruised through the bracket to a faceoff in the championship game.  While BAD House looked to take it all home, Cunning Koalas took it all home behind Amanda Arnold’s 3 touchdown receptions!  Cunning Koalas won it all 17-8, finishing with a (6-1) record.


In the Men’s Recreational bracket, Kennedy Hall pulled off upsets in the bracket and made their way to the championship game. However, Destructo Disc proved to be too much.  After winning 16-3 in the previous round, they cruised to an easy 13-4 victory behind Daniel Rice’s 5 touchdown passes.


In the Men’s Competitive bracket, fireworks were lit!  In the first round, my Dark Horse to win, GS Wesley, was ousted by E Dawgs!  E Dawgs then completed another upset of Desert Eagles to make it to the championship round against the ever-competitive Cougar Bait.  As they had done all year, Cougar Bait killed the competition with the help of Channing Watson’s 7 touchdown passes and Blaine Brown’s 5 touchdown receptions.  Cougar Bait FTW.


Ultimate, while not the most popular sport with Intramural Sports, always proves to be interesting.  Some highlight reel plays and a lot of effort were put into games this season.  Looking forward to next year!  As always, follow us @GSUIntramurals on Twitter!


The Sport Report

             It’s time for some playoff softball!  Somehow, amongst the horrific, nightmare-inducing weather (that might be an exaggeration) we have managed to make it this far in the season.  For the teams that played even half of the regular season, you’re lucky.  A decent portion of our teams did not have the opportunity to play even a single regular season game.

Now that Mother Nature has changed her attitude and we can go on with our playoffs, let’s make a few picks.  I will preface this by saying that it is going to be hard to gauge most of our teams from the small sample-size (stat nerds understand me here), but I will give it the good ‘ole college try:


Men’s recreational: In the few games that these teams were able to play, a few patterns stuck out to me.  The Sandlot Crew knows how to swing the bat.  They scored over 55 runs in the two games that were actually able to play.  That being said, I do not believe that they were tested by the best competition, so they are not unbeatable.  Stix For Chicks also scored plenty of runs, but did so against stiffer competition so they should not be taken lightly.  In the end, I think Stix for Chicks wins a close one over The Sandlot Crew.  Let’s put the over/under at 45 for this one.


CoRec: As far as seeding goes, the bracket does not tell the story.  The CoRec Recreational and CoRec Competitive leagues were combined for this bracket.  Since our CoRec Competitive teams were not able to play a single game, they were ranked rather low by our computers.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the championship matchup is between two teams that have a 5 or worse seed.  This in mind, I’m taking Pitch Slapped over Bankwalkers and the Gawkers.


Men’s Competitive:  This bracket used to be dominated by a certain team almost every year.  With that team no longer being a part of Fall Softball, it’s anyone’s game.  By “Anyone’s Game,” I mean it’s Stars and Bars’ game.  They have been nothing but impressive in all of their games and they will be facing teams that have not had as much actual playing time (thanks to the weather).  It’s their championship to lose.


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