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@itsJarm’s #IntramuralInsight

Flag Football; it’s Georgia Southern’s most popular sport year in, and year out. The games get intense, the fans get into it, the players make plays, the officials throw amazing flags… it’s all there folks. There are skills challenges to look forward to throughout the year and intense… rivalry games that nobody wants to miss. This year has been no different. Let’s take a look at the standings as we head into playoffs!

The Thugs N Thuggettes Co-Rec team has dominated all other opponents this year en route to a (6-0) record. They have outscored their opponents by 160 while only allowing 18 points…that’s 2 female touchdowns! There are also 4 other undefeated teams: Low Expectations, Fold So Hard University, X-Factor, and the legendary H.F.T.O.Y. One interesting thing to note is that Low Expectations hasn’t allowed a point all year. That is some staunch defense comparable to the 1984 Bears. Stats aside, look for overGUStimated to make a playoff push behind the leadership of sophomore Landen Cammack.

In the Men’s division, Coach Ashton Wilkerson’s Team Kobe has his team sitting pretty at (6-0). This is due in part to the receiving prowess of Alex Purvis, the defensive end abilities of Adam Chevalier, and the bench warming abilities of Robbie Kurbes. Just kidding Robbie. Some other Men’s teams to look at include the A-Team who has allowed 2 points all year, the always impressive BenaJones who, behind Glen Burdette, have put up 161 points, and Tony Toni Tony who have put up an impressive 193 points and a 4.0 sportsmanship rating on the season. My favorite team name continues to be Turn Upfield. Just throwing that out there.

The best women’s team in the league is The Avengers. They are sitting at (5-0), they have scored 142 points, they have allowed 0 points, and they have a 4.0 sportsmanship rating. This is a model flag football team, people. However, RUF N Kidding Me hasn’t allowed a single point this year, either. I want to see these two teams meet in the playoffs. On the Sorority size, Phi Mu and Zeta Tau Alpha have put up similar numbers this year. I expect this to be the Sorority Championship matchup – you heard it here first.

Let’s check out some player stats – the TD pass leader is Ridge Ferrell with 19! The numbers are a little down from last year. With 7 touchdown receptions, Intramural Sport’s own Andrea Butler is leading the league. She also has a TD run to go with that, and 5 interceptions! I am not worrying about anybody reaching my own mark of 10 TD receptions from last season. Looking in the interception column, Alex Purvis leads the league with 7. This isn’t saying much, since he has 4 of those in a game where the punter was moved to quarterback after the starting quarterback had to go finish a homework assignment. Put an asterisk by that one.

The Flag Football playoffs are always a big deal around Georgia Southern. It’s a battle for bragging rights and the ever-coveted Intramural Championship t-shirt. I am looking forward to some highlights this playoff season, and I will be out there watching multiple nights. As always, continue to follow us on Twitter @GSUIntramurals.


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