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@itsJarm’s #IntramuralInsight

Another year of flag football at Georgia Southern University is in the books! The playoffs were everything that I expected them to be. Let’s take a look at some of our playoff results.

In the Co-Rec Championships, the Thugs N Thuggettes that I previously mentioned cruised all the way to the championship game where they were taken out in a stunner by CoRec Bankwalkers. This was unexpected… because CoRec Bankwalkers played against Low Expectations, who previously allowed 0 points, in the second round and won by just 2 points. Unfortunately, legendary H.F.T.O.Y got blown out in the first round, and Landen Cammack’s leadership was just not enough for overGUStimated.

In the Fraternity league, Pike stunned their first two opponents, Delta Chi and Delta Tau Delta, to advance to the semifinals where they were downed by the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon. On the opposite side of the bracket, Pi Kappa Phi cruised to the championship game as everybody believed they would. It is in this game that they took out Sigma Phi Epsilon while pitching a shutout. Pi Kappa Phi would then go to the Men’s All-Campus game where they would lose to the Men’s Champion, Dipset.

Speaking of the Men’s Competitive Championships, all fans thought that the matchup would be Team Kobe and BenaJones in the championship game. This was not the case, however, as the underachieving Team Kobe was shutout by eventual champion Dipset in the second round of the playoffs. Another surprising finish was 19 seed Brick Squad over 3 seed Legion of Boom, 21-20. In the championship game, Dipset pulled off a stunner over reigning champion BenaJones to claim the crown.

For Men’s Recreational, we all expected A-Team to play against Tony Toni Tony. However, Tont Toni Tony was taken out by the 34 seed, The Cru Crew, in the first round; that must have been a fluke season. My guys “Turn Upfield” weren’t able to make it past the quarterfinals, and Eagle Villagers fell short of the semifinals as well. The A-Team went on to defeat Cizz and Friends with a score of 34-17 to claim the crown of Men’s Recreational Champions for the second year in a row.

In the Sorority league, the ladies of Phi Mu disappointed all of their fans by losing to their first round opponents, the eventual champions, Alpha Delta Pi. In the championship game, Alpha Delta Pi took Zeta Tau Alpha to an overtime thriller with 0 points scored in regulation to win the Sorority crown with a score of 7-0. Congrats ladies.

Last but definitely not least, the sorority championship was taken by the undefeated Avengers by way of Andrea Butler’s athletic theatrics on the field. The Avengers won their championship game by two touchdowns to take the women’s crown.

Overall, the Flag Football Championships were everything that I hoped for, and Champ Night was a success. Next up is the Georgia Peach Classic to be held November 21-23 right here at Georgia Southern. Come out and see our champions take on over 40 other teams from around the state. It’s a ton of fun to watch and be around, so don’t miss it. As always, follow us on Twitter @GSUIntramurals! Jarm out.


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