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Woods Words: A New Beginning

Hey everyone! Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year. The summer is finally over and the school year is upon us. Hopefully y’all had an amazing summer full of great people and great fun. But the fun doesn’t stop just because classes start! Our Intramural Sports team has a year of…great activities planned for our student body. Now if you read the Intramural blog last year, you know that it was written by our very much beloved Graduate Assistant, Tyler Burroughs. Unfortunately for us here at Georgia Southern, the man affectionately known as “Spry” has completed his career here in Statesboro and moved on to bigger and brighter things as the Coordinator of Competitive Sports at Kansas State University. With such large shoes to fill hopefully I, Keith Woods, can carry on the proud tradition of this blog. I’m an incredibly good looking (opinion alert)  math major and an Intramural Supervisor here at Georgia Southern. I referee high school basketball and soccer and also was just certified as an R8 for soccer as well. I’m not even exactly sure what that means so hopefully that’s impressive enough to make you guys only question my opinion about half of  the time. My first suggestion of the year is that everyone should play an Intramural Sports here at Georgia Southern. Sports are the great equalizer. Sports bring people from every background onto one level playing field, all in the name of fun and competition. I feel like that’s something everyone can get behind. And if you can’t, I implore you to return to your job as the fun police, you party pooper.

Last week, we started off the year with one of our fan favorite sports, Kickball! The runs were flying in thick and fast and at the beginning of the Kickball playoffs, it seems as if a favorite has emerged. Word on the street is  Zone 6 Plug have actual soccer players on their team and the results can’t be ignored. They’ve been putting up runs faster than Georgia Southern puts up apartment complexes. But could this be the year of the underdog? Also in the mix, with not nearly as much talent but just as much heart, are the teams made of CRI Aquatics members, Wet Dreams, and the team made of CRI’s own graduate assistants, Ross & Friends. The Aquatics team seem to be taking a little while to get their land legs but the playoffs are a new beginning for all. Low expectations make for high drama, so we couldn’t be more excited for the Kickball playoffs which started August 31.

Ultimate Frisbee also started August 31 and the excitement has reached a fever pitch for one of the most fun intramural sports we offer. We haven’t seen people so excited about hammer time since parachute pants were popular.  It has been relayed through the grapevine that Eagles of Shield have a stacked team in both, Men’s Competitive and Co-Rec leagues . However, no games can be won before the season has started and surely we will have a season full of wild action. Surely in Co-Rec the dorm teams of CP Pink Panthers, EV Yellow Wings, and the Kennedy Airbenders will have something to say. Fresh (haha, pun intended) from under the watchful eyes of their mothers, these players are wild cards, who we expect at the very least lots of Mountain Dew fueled effort from.  

Pre-season Flag Football has arrived as well and we look forward to an exciting tournament. Dipset returns with another competitive roster after winning the Competitive and All-Campus Championships last year. However, they are going to have to replace their QB, among other players. Will they be able to survive the roster turnover? Will we ever know why they named their team after a tricep exercise? Guess we will have to wait and find out.  Also, present in our pre-season tournament are three fraternities, Pike, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Sigma Nu. Frat teams usually field very competitive, well-organized teams when they take time to line up and execute their second favorite thing involving the word “shotgun”.

While it’s important to know what’s going on right now, it’s also very important for you guys to know what Intramural Sports has planned for y’all next. Dodgeball and Fall Softball registration deadlines end at midnight September 1 and play starts September 8. Registration for Flag Football is currently open now through September 8. Flag Football always has a great turnout, so don’t be one of the few to regret not playing this season! If you’re afraid you won’t have anyone to play with, it’s easy to sign-up as a free agent online at! And if you have a group of friends (they don’t even have to be athletic), it’s easy to create a team as well! Hopefully you enjoyed this blog post and continue to return. But most importantly, I hope you #TeamUp and sign-up for as many Intramural Sports as you can!


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