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Woods Words: One Month In

What’s up everybody, it’s Keith again with another edition of Woods Words. Intramural Sports are beginning to really heat up with the start of our most popular sport here at Georgia Southern, Flag Football. But before we start on Flag Football…, we have to say farewell to another one of our intramural sports, Kickball. Our Kickball season has ended and we have crowned a champion for the 2015 season, and it is Zone 6 Plug. They were mentioned in the previous blog and like a Floyd Mayweather fight, the favorite came out on top. After an electric (hehe) regular season, Zone 6 Plug came into the playoffs with a lot of momentum and this carried them to the championship game. Their road to the title was rocky as Sons of Pitches took them all the way to the wire during the semifinals before they escaped with a hard fought 1 run win. They met Ross and Friends in the championship game, and apparently Ross didn’t bring enough friends to prevent them from taking a heart wrenching loss. Again, thank you to everyone who came out and congratulations to Zone 6 Plug.

Ultimate has been in full swing for a few weeks and teams are starting to settle into a nice groove as playoffs begins. In Co-Rec, we have three undefeated teams at the top of the standings: Eagles of Shield, Hucking Awesome and Hail Storm. Three undefeated teams means that we will have at least one doozy of a playoff game before the championship, with the teams on a collision course on one side of the bracket. I personally have to root for Hucking Awesome because it’s not often you see a team work in a such a natural Huckleberry Finn reference. I simply can’t root against such a rush of nostalgia. On the Men’s league side of things we have one undefeated team leading the pack, with their aptly name, Frisbee. While the name of the team might be simple, the teamwork has been anything but. They obviously have heard the famous quote, ”Speak softly and carry a big disk”. However, there is a reason we play the game, and a few sleepers are present in the field to challenge Frisbee’s perfect season. Eagles of Shield will surely make a noble effort to make sure Frisbee doesn’t fly all the way to the championship. Also lurking is the Gentlemen’s Club, who have been handing out beatings that could probably be described as anything but chivalrous throughout the season. Everyone here at Intramurals is very excited to see what happens during the upcoming playoffs.

Finally, here it is. What you’ve all been waiting for…. the McRib is back. Just kidding. Flag Football is finally upon us and everyone is chomping at the bit to get started. Our Co-Rec Competitive league always provides great entertainment and especially a great look at the strategy that goes into Flag Football. One of the team’s, Good Eats Entertainment has a lot to live up to, simply on the strength of their name alone. If they do not provide delicious refreshments, or at least two good laughs on every possession, no matter how much they win, in my mind they will have misled us all; and I don’t appreciate being misled. Also, in this league is No Tackling, who this year have apparently finally figured out the rules of Flag Football.

The Fraternity league always provides good fun and heated competition for bragging rights and, as I like to call our championship t-shirts, cotton trophies. Fraternity games are always exciting due to the passionate fan bases. Many of the teams have been seen doing the unthinkable to get in some extra practice time before the season begins… skipping happy hour. This upcoming year should provide us some great moments!

Going hand in hand with the Fraternity league is the always immensely popular Sorority league. These ladies always go out there and give 100% effort. To be completely honest, some of these ladies are good enough to make some men jealous. I’m consistently impressed (and periodically ashamed) that many of these women can throw a perfect spiral while I throw a worse spiral than Tim Tebow. I’m excited for a season full of highlight plays, but maybe not too many, because I’m tired of having to wonder where my athletic talent went.

Hopefully you guys are as excited as I am about the upcoming seasons. Make sure to sign up on IMLeagues and play! Until next time Georgia Southern.


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