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Woods Words: Flag Football is Underway!

I hope you guys have had a good couple of weeks since we last met. The weather has started to become just a tad chillier and the leaves are starting to change. Fall is upon us and you know what that means… Football, football, and more football. We’ve got football on darn near every day of the week…. What a glorious time to be alive! Now I’ve got the scoop on what I know is your FAVORITE TYPE OF (non contact) FOOTBALL. Flag football has completed its first couple of weeks and as much I would love to say a favorite has emerged, we still have time for a complete shake up of the playoff picture. But those teams on top earned their way there so I have to make sure to give them their proper respect.

In the Fraternity League we have three undefeated teams remaining: Delta Tau Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Kappa Sigma. Kappa Sigma had a gutsy second win against Pi Kappa Phi with the final being 19-14, while Delta Tau Delta’s blown out their first two opponents with a combined score of 60-0, behind the fantastic play of Michael Grauvogl. Pi Kappa Alpha had an 18-6 win versus Sigma Chi, with an excellent game from DJ Nicky K aka Nick Karettis. In the Sorority League, Phi Mu is currently leading the field and I bet it’s because they’re powered by their sponsor, Chick Fil A… Wait? They aren’t? But it sounds like “moo”…. Mooooving on. Kappa Kappa Gamma is also undefeated through the first week of the season.

There are a few strong teams in Co-Rec Competitive this year. H.F.T.O.Y has began the year undefeated as has the aptly named No Tackling. Will we ever figure out what H.F.T.O.Y stands for? Hmmm… Probably not as fast as No Tackling came up with their team name after reading the rule book. Da Martaz have been a team to watch on Monday Night (Flag) Football starting off with a 0 in the loss column. On Wednesdays, we see that Dipset has a point differential of 67-0. I doubt it was necessary for them to beat their first two opponents that bad… Sportsmanship is important, so take it easy on those poor teams. Sunday evenings have seen Lets Eat, eating the competition alive which makes me wonder… do they have any recipe ideas? I would guess their team name has something to do with them all being able to cook extremely well. Sharing is caring guys. I’d like to “kick” it with whoever named the undefeated Co-Rec Recreational team, No Punt Intended.

In Men’s Recreational, N.W.A is undefeated with a very mysterious acronym for their name… Neighbors With Apples? Naps With Animals? This secret may never be let out… Also, coming up is Indoor Soccer and Volleyball. You can also still join a flag football team so #TeamUp and have fun!

To register for Indoor Soccer and Volleyball, click here!


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