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All IM Team

The All IM Team awards the top 5 women and top 5 men in Intramural Sports at the end of the academic year. To be considered for the All IM Team an athlete must separate themselves on the field and the stat sheet. This team should indicate who the best Intramural players were over the course of the year. The bottom line is that through time, the All IM Teams will consist of the best of the best, the difference makers of the program. 

In the selection process many things are considered including Games Played, Total Wins, Win Percentage, Teams Created, MVP Votes, Championships,  Individual Skills, Staff Feedback, and Sportsmanship as well as All American, All-Region, and All-State Honors for extramural events.

2020 Team

Male (alphabetical order)

Connor Caldwell
Noah Johns
Cameron Johnson
Garrett Johnson
Jimmy Ouyang

NameGames PlayedWin %Comment
Connor Caldwell5867Played in 5 championship games for 4 different sports
Noah Johns 4862Played on 11 teams across 10 different sports 
Cameron Johnson 2268Played in 15 National Flag Football games
Garrett Johnson 4877Played on 13 teams across 8 sports
Jimmy Ouyang 6870Has the most wins this year of any Intramural participant

Female (alphabetical order)

Mckenzie Chambers
Hayley Dobson
Kindole Pettway
Mikay Sands
Gracie Smith
Name Games Played Win % Comment
Mckenzie Chambers 3661Played in championship games for every sport participated in
Hayley Dobson 3476Had a 94% win percentage for Flag Football
Kindole Pettway 2584Scored 258 points in the Basketball season with 52 points in the Co-Rec Competitive championship game 
Mikay Sands 3863Led Sorority basketball in blocks with 15 total for the season
Gracie Smith3762Played on 18 teams this season which was the most of any Intramural participant

Last updated: 5/3/2021