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All IM Team

The All IM Team awards the top 5 women and top 5 men in Intramural Sports at the end of the academic year. To be considered for the All IM Team an athlete must separate themselves on the field and the stat sheet. This team should indicate who the best Intramural players were over the course of the year. The bottom line is that through time, the All IM Teams will consist of the best of the best, the difference makers of the program. 

In the selection process many things are considered including Games Played, Total Wins, Win Percentage, Teams Created, MVP Votes, Championships,  Individual Skills, Staff Feedback, and Sportsmanship as well as All American, All-Region, and All-State Honors for extramural events.

2020 Team

Male (alphabetical order)

Brandon Frost
Robbie Bacon
Sam Clark
Zachary Barrow
Zachary Harris
Brandon FrostCompeted in 25 different sports with a 64% win PercentageI play intramural sports to get away from the stresses of the normal school day. It allows you to play sports you love with amazing people and just overall have a great time.
Robbie BaconMen’s and CoRec Competitive Flag football champion with a 12-1 RecordWhen you win, say nothing, when you lose, say less – Paul Brown
Sam ClarkLed all of Campus with 61 Total Wins while winning 67% of his total gamesIntramural Sports are fun, and fun is fun.
Zachary BarrowCentennial Place Housing Cup Champion and Undefeated Champion in KickballWhat’s your mindset
Zachary HarrisWent 60-8 on the year while playing on 18 different teamsIf you ain’t first, you’re last

Female (alphabetical order)

Alyssa Wood
Catherine Patton
Madison Patton
Nicole Green
Shayna Bowyer
Name Comment Quote
Alyssa WoodLed Chi Omega to championships in Kickball and Kan Jam with an undefeated Kan Jam recordI have always loved Sports and GS Intramurals give me the opportunity to play a wide variety, some of which I have never tried before. I have met and grown close with a ton of people through the intramurals I have played. Winning is a plus too!
Catherine PattonPlayed on 38 different teams and played in 94 games total winning multiple championships for Chi OmegaI love playing intramurals because I enjoy the competition and being active
Madison PattonPlayed on 34 teams and won the Inaugural Fortnite Esports ChampionshipI love playing intramurals because they challenge me to be the best I can be at the sports that I love and also in new sports I’ve never played before.
Nicole GreenCaptained Zeta Tau Alpha to an Undefeated Softball Season going 6-0I love to participate in intramurals because it allowed me to branch out and meet new people and it also is a great way to stay physically active in a fun environment!!
Shayna BowyerWon 67% of games while playing on 18 different teamsIntramurals is something I can look forward too after a long day and I love to get to compete and try different sports with my friends and teammates

Last updated: 7/10/2021