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Adventure Trips

Date Registration Deadline Trip Cost
Aug. 25 Aug. 20 Stand Up Paddleboarding $55
Aug. 31 – Sep. 3 Aug. 24 Whitewater Rafting & Paintball $150
Aug. 31 – Sep. 3 Aug. 27 Bioluminescent Kayaking $75
Sep. 9 Sep. 3  Whitewater Rafting  $60
Sep. 14 – 16 Sep. 10 Canoeing $55
Sep. 21 – Sep. 23 Sep. 17 Caving $55
Sep. 22 Sep. 17 Kayaking $25
Sep. 29 Sep. 24 Wassaw Beach Combing $75
Oct. 7 Oct. 1 Jekyll Island Horseback Riding $75
Oct. 13 Oct. 5 Stand Up Paddleboarding $60
Oct. 20 Oct. 12 Canoeing $25
Oct. 26 – 28 Oct. 22 Fall Foliage Hiking $55
Nov. 2 – Nov. 4 Oct. 29 Climbing $55
Nov. 16 – Nov. 20 Nov. 5 Appalachian Trail Backpacking Trip $150

Date Registration Deadline Trip Cost
Jan. 18 – 21 Jan. 15 Skiing (MLK Trip) $350
Feb. 8 – 10 Feb. 4 Caving $55
Feb. 15 – 17 Feb. 11 Winter Hiking $55
Mar. 9 Feb. 22 Skydiving $200
Mar. 30 Mar. 15 Jekyll Island Cycling $25
Apr. 5 – 7 Mar. 22 Bouldering $55
Apr. 6 Apr. 1 Whitewater Rafting $60
Apr. 20 Apr. 15 Kayak Fishing $25
Apr. 27 Apr. 22 Stand Up Paddle Boarding $55
Apr. 27 Apr. 22 Jekyll Island Horseback Riding $75
Date Trip Cost


Trips fill quickly as space is limited. Because of the demand we host a trips release event at the beginning of each semester. The Fall Trips Release will be at 8 pm on August 20th at the RAC in the MAC gym. Numbers will be given out on a first come, first served basis at the beginning of the release event. (Those determined to get a spot on a trip are encouraged to arrive early!) You may sign up for any open trip when your number is called. If you wish to sign up for an additional trip, you must wait until your number is called the following round. Rounds continue until all trips are filled. You may only have one number, and you must be present to register.

For more information and to register, please visit the Southern Adventures Center.

Alternative Trip Ideas

Don’t miss out on the fun of Southern Adventures trips! Let us help you plan your own. By taking advantage of our skills clinics, rental center and resource library, we can help you plan your own trip! Take a look at our trip ideas listed below and come check out our resource library at Southern Adventures, fully stocked with all the information, guidebooks and maps you could ask for. Our friendly staff all love the outdoors and won’t hesitate to help you plan your perfect trip.

Please note: The trip ideas listed below are to be used strictly as a resource for planning a trip. Do not depend on them for navigation or all information. Further information will be needed and the skills and experience necessary to take your own trip is invaluable and completely necessary.

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Last updated: 3/13/2019