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Bike Shop – Statesboro

The Southern Adventures Bike Shop is located in the back of the RAC. Our services can be utilized by any Georgia Southern University staff, faculty or student that pays RAC fees. Please take a look at some of the services and resources that we offer below.

Bike Repairs → Bike Clinics → Bicycle Safety →
Bike Repair Bike Clinics Bike Safety

Fall & Spring Hours


Days Times
Monday – Thursday: 1 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Summer Hours


Days Times
Monday – Thursday 4pm – 7pm
Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Bike Repairs

Some of the services that we provide:

Bike Shop at the RAC

  • Tire/Tube Changes
  • Drivetrain Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Brake Adjustments
  • Brake Pad Resurfacing
  • Wheel Truing
  • Bottom Bracket Overhaul
  • Hub Overhaul
  • Headset Overhaul
  • Accessory Installation
  • Spoke Replacement
  • Shifter Repair
  • Bar Tape Installation
  • Bike Fitment
  • General Part Replacement
  • Cable Replacement
  • Shock Inflation

All of the services provided through the bike shop are FREE, however we do not supply parts. If you do need parts for your bike, you can order online or utilize the local stores for bike parts.

We have an air pump station outside of Southern Adventures that is free and turned on 24-7. Please make sure you do not over-inflate your tires, to prevent damage to your bicycle and possible injury.

The Bike Shop is located in the Southern Adventures Center at the back of the RAC in for your convenience. Bikes can NOT be brought through the front gates of the RAC, please utilize the Southern Adventures door.

Due to limited space, we strongly suggest that you call ahead to ensure that we have room to take your bike in for repair.

Bike Clinics

Southern Adventures clinics are designed to help students learn outdoor skills.  All clinics, excluding Wilderness and Remote First Aid, are free to RAC members.  Pre-registration is required and can be done by calling Southern Adventures or stopping by our office.

Bike Maintenance 101

This introductory clinic will teach you how to properly perform basic bicycle maintenance and tune-ups.  There are no prerequisite for this clinic.


Bike Maintenance 201

This intermediate clinic will teach you how to rebuild essential bicycle components and perform more advanced repairs.  During the course of the clinic, you will learn how to build a bike. You must have taken a Bike Maintenance 101 course as prerequisite for this course.

  • Check back soon!

Bicycle Safety

Your bike is considered a vehicle and you are responsible for following the rules of the road. We strongly recommend that if you have a personal bike or renting one from Southern Adventures, you check out this government safety video as well as read through some tips below.

  • Do not ride a bike at night without lights (front and back)
  • Remain on the right side of the road, you always want to ride with traffic
  • Always wear a helmet (Southern Adventures rents helmets but for day and weekend use only)
  • Make sure to always pay attention to pedestrians and traffic
  • Be visible, do not wear dark colors in the evening
  • Lock up your bike – ALWAYS
  • Use hand signals
  • Remember- it is your responsibility as a cyclist to yield to pedestrians.

*The Southern Adventures Bike Shop is open for bike repairs. However we have limited space so we strongly suggest that you call ahead to ensure we have room to take your bike in for maintenance.*


Last updated: 6/20/2018