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Bike Safety

Your bike is considered a vehicle and you are responsible for following the rules of the road. We strongly recommend that if you have a personal bike or renting one from Southern Adventures, you check out this government safety video as well as read through some tips below.

  • Do not ride a bike at night without lights (front and back)
  • Remain on the right side of the road, you always want to ride with traffic
  • Always wear a helmet (Southern Adventures rents helmets but for day and weekend use only)
  • Make sure to always pay attention to pedestrians and traffic
  • Be visible, do not wear dark colors in the evening
  • Lock up your bike – ALWAYS
  • Use hand signals
  • Remember- it is your responsibility as a cyclist to yield to pedestrians.

*The Southern Adventures Bike Shop is open for bike repairs. However we have limited space so we strongly suggest that you call ahead to ensure we have room to take your bike in for maintenance.*

Last updated: 3/23/2022