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Leadership Training Series

Trip Planning 101

Planning an adventure for spring break? This trip planning seminar will be a great opportunity to make sure you do the prior proper planning to prevent pis-poor performance. If you have already started plans, bring that information along and we will help you finish the plan. We will cover the basics:

  • Planning your route
  • Food Planning
  • Weather and Extreme Conditions
  • Gear Lists
  • Permits & Backcountry regulations
  • Emergency Preparedness

We will also go over group reservations policy so you can make sure that you know you have all the right gear you need to be safe and have fun.



Getting lost in the wilderness is a great way to ruin an outdoor adventure. This 1 hour workshop is dedicated to helping you understand the basics of topographical maps, compasses, and global positioning systems (GPS). All concepts will be reinforced through experiential activities to ensure concept mastery.


Last updated: 12/3/2015