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Special Events

Iron Eagle Challenge

The IEC is an adventure race that travels through Georgia Southern University’s scenic campus. The course requires two person race teams to off-road/urban cycle, run/walk, canoe, and conquer many mystery challenges along the way.

Southern Sendfest

We are excited to announce that Georgia Southern University will be hosting its 11th annual collegiate climbing competition for the southeast. Southern SendFest will feature climbing problems in the top rope and cave areas.

Wilderness First Aid

Southern Adventures offering of the Wilderness Medical Institute’s Wilderness First Aid certification will teach you how to effectively care for emergencies and medical issues in a backcountry/wilderness environment.

Wilderness Introduction to Leadership Development

The Southern Adventures Wilderness Introduction to Leadership Development is designed to give Georgia Southern Students an opportunity to learn leadership skills through intentional and directed learning on a 5 day backpacking expedition in the Southern Appalachians. Students will experience growth through learning skills that allow them thrive in adverse and uncertain situations while leading their peers.

Last updated: 1/25/2019