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Judge Seminar

There are currently no judge seminars scheduled at this time.


The Regional Judge Seminars provide extremely useful information for coaches of all levels and educate coaches on rules, formats, and procedures. This two-day Judge seminar and certification course is presented by USA Archery and led by Mike Cullumber, International Judge. They will focus on educating and developing judges and coaches at all levels. Each seminar will also serve as a certification course for Certified Judge and National Judge status. Participants who meet the requirements for National Judge will be able to test at the end of the course. Participants who are not yet certified as a Judge will be able to take the Certified Judge exam.
Seminar covers:

  • Philosophy of Judging
  • Communications with Organizers/Coaches/Archers
  • Judges Responsibilities before, during and after the tournament
  • Arrow Value Calling and Scoring procedures
  • Indoor Scoring
  • Equipment Inspection Procedures
  • Rules – Where to find them and how to read them.

For any questions, please contact Guy Krueger at

Last updated: 9/27/2018