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Firearms 301

Program Days and Times

September 27, 2023W6:00 – 8:00pm
November 8, 2023W6:00 – 8:00pm
March 18, 2024M6:00 – 8:00pm


Must be able to demonstrate safe firearms handling and knowledge of safety rules.


Public: $100
Students: $75

*Must register 48 hours in advance at the SSEC*

*A hands-on practical exam under the supervision of an SSEC official must be completed prior to registration.

Firearms 301 is the most advanced training class that we offer.  Participants are expected to have experience and proficiency in firearms handling before signing up for this course.  The objective of this course is to enhance the fundamental skills of pistol shooting to transition you into a more advanced and accurate shooter. This course builds upon the skills you learned in the Firearms 201 or your current fundamental skills. You will learn how to shoot more accurately and consistently, perform reloads, draw from the holster, and clear stoppages. You will also learn different ready positions and in what scenarios they might be applied.  A review of the content will occur at the end of class, allowing the instructor to create a personalized plan for you to continue your growth in the sport. Targets will be provided. Approximately 100 rounds of ammunition will be necessary and provided by the shooter for this course.

A sample of what to expect in our FA 301 course

  • Safety Rules
  • Course Outline
  • Grip and recoil management
  • Three types of sighted fire
  • Margin of error and effective shot placement
  • Draw Stroke / Drawing from holster
  • Ready positions
  • Review reloads – tactical and dry
  • Malfunctions and stoppages
  • Range time
  • Review

Last updated: 7/25/2023