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Explore Riflery

Program Days

Sep 5 – Oct 3, 20196 – 7:30pm
Jan 23 – Feb 27, 20206 – 7:30pm
Mar 19 – April 23, 20206 – 7:30pm



*Must register 48 hours in advance*


Open to public, ages 10-15

Explore Riflery is a versatile educational activity program that is fun, rewarding, progressive, and most important – safe. The Shooting Sports Education Center offers youth the opportunity to master safe firearm handling and marksmanship skills while learning about the exciting Olympic sport of target shooting!

The class will start off with .177 pellet air rifles and graduate you to .22lr single shot rifles and .22lr AR22. All participants will have the knowledge skills and attributes to effectively and safely use bolt action style long guns and semi-automatic long guns. Instructor to shooter Ratio is 1:3.

Last updated: 7/1/2019