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Elite Archery Academy


June 18 – 21, 2023


7th – 12th grader

Registration Deadline

May 30, 2023

Registration Fees

Commuter:  $399
Overnight:   $549

The Elite Archery Academy will be led by USA Archery Level 5-NTS Coach Dee Falks, with the assistance from Level 4-NTS Coach Cassandra Pelton. The Academy is tailored to current competition archers that want to improve their scores and tournament success. Archers will receive evaluation, critique, instruction and encouragement on form, shooting, mental management and more. Archers will be expected to come prepared in advance to shoot approximately 200 arrows per day. Campers will have the opportunity to live on campus or commute; take part in swimming and rock climbing activities at the Recreation Activity Center and meet other archers from the Southeast.

Additional Information


Campers will need to bring all necessary archery equipment to include bow, arrows, safety equipment and anything else needed for instruction and competition.

In the event of an equipment malfunction, we will have equipment available for the archer to continue. There is also an archery pro shop in the facility for Coaches to perform equipment adjustments.


Camp will be held at Georgia Southern University’s Shooting Sports Education Center. The facilities feature both indoor and outdoor training areas.

3271 Old Register Road
Statesboro, GA 30458


Resident campers will stay in one of the outstanding, air-conditioned University Housing facilities on campus. Each camper will have double occupancy room with community baths. Roommate requests will be accepted. The residence hall clubhouse will have TV’s with video games available for checkout. Campers will be responsible for providing bed linens (Bed size: Twin XL – 80″ mattress), blanket, pillow, towels, toiletries and any other items to make their stay comfortable. The rooms will not be equipped with a television and telephone. Internet access is available in the room with the camper providing their own computer and Ethernet cable.


For resident campers, a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in one of the campus dining facilities. Commuter campers will be provided lunch in the dining facility. Snacks will be provided for all throughout the camp day.

Commuter Drop-off/Pick-up

Please see the daily schedule for the drop off and pick up times.


If special or reasonable accommodations are needed, please contact Ashley MacAllister in advance to discuss them prior to arrival.


All information with registered campers will be provided through e-mail to the address provided in the registration materials. Please ensure this address is accurate and that you check it often between registration and the start of camp.

Camp Counselors

Counselors act as a guardian while your child attends camp, as they are around them 24/7. They sleep in the residence hall on the same floor as the campers and don’t go to bed until all campers are in their rooms and accounted for. They wake campers in the morning to make sure they have time to eat breakfast and get to their first session on time. Counselors are in the dining area while campers are dining, and present while campers are in session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear at the camp?
Please wear non-baggy, comfortable clothing, but do dress appropriately for weather. If rainy, bring something warm and wear tough shoes or boots. It could be cold inside, so you may need a light jacket also. If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie to keep your hair back. Long and dangling earrings may also pose a risk. Shoes must cover the foot safely – sandals, flip-flops and high heels are not permitted.

May I bring food to the Camp?
Yes, you may, but we will provide all meals and snacks for you.

What styles of archery does the Camp Program teach?
The camp will teach skills related to both recurve (Olympic style) and compound bows. All instruction will be based on the National Training System (NTS) technique, the shooting method used by top international competitors. The NTS program teaches both the physical and mental skills needed to build top performance in competition.

What is JOAD?
JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) is the official youth development program of the USA Archery program.

What is NASP?
The National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is a joint venture between state departments of Education and Wildlife. Several archery equipment manufacturers and organizations are partners in the program. NASP promotes student education, physical education and participation in the lifelong sport of archery, and has been in the state since 2003.

What is the National Training System (NTS)?
The National Training System — or NTS — was developed by KiSik Lee, who has been the U.S. Archery coach since 2006. The method is based on Lee’s analysis of body control, muscular requirements and the mental concentration needed to execute a precise shot. The method provides steps by which the archer can work on and improve posture, grip, set-up, pull-back, anchoring, loading, aiming, release and follow-through, in addition to other steps and breathing exercises. It is also used to train Resident Archers and Regional Elite Development Team archers at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California.

Can my NASP archer come to the Elite Academy?
Yes! We require archers shooting scores close to the 280 mark to attend. Those shooting lower scores would be a great fit for our Archery Camp.


Please contact Ashley MacAllister with any questions you may have.

Contact Info
Phone: (912) 478-7732

Academy Instructors

Archery Academy is for competitive shooters that are looking to improve their skills with some of the best instructors in the Southeast. Our academy coaches are USA Archery Level 5-NTS or Level 4-NTS, respectively, and each provide years of coaching experience. Academy Coaches include:

Dee Falks (Lead Coach)
Dee Falks
Level 5-NTS Archery Coach
USA Archery Board of Directors
World Archery Americas Council
Cassandra Pelton
Cassandra Pelton
USA Archery Level 4-NTS Coach
Southern Eagles Archery Club Coach
2016 USA World Indoor Team
Coach Eagle Creek
Archery Counselors
Coach of Regional Elite Development Team Southeast
Archery Counselors
Georgia Southern Eagles Archery Club members and SSEC Employees will serve as counselors.


Sign Up

Spots are filled on a first come-first served basis and limited to 24 participants.

Sign-ups are available only online.
Registration Fees

See above. Fees include instruction, camp t-shirt, breakfast, lunch, snacks and transportation to/from academy activities. The $100 overnight fee will cover additional meals and housing.
*Campers will not be guaranteed a camp t-shirt after the registration deadline.

Age Group

7th – 12th graders


Check-in will take place at the Shooting Sports Education Center from 12:30-1:30 PM on Wednesday.

Camp Waiver, Insurance & Medical Information

A few weeks leading up to the academy, an e-mail will be sent to you containing the Registration Packet for you to complete. It will include a waiver, medical information, pick-up authorization and camp policies and procedures.

Refund Policy

Parents must provide written electronic notice to the Assistant Director at least 14 days in advance of the camp or academy start date to receive a refund. Refunds will not be considered after the 14 days.

What to Bring / Not Bring

What to bring:

  • Clothes for 4 days
  • Archery gear
  • Water bottle
  • Proper shoes
  • Underwear
  • Pajamas
  • Swim suit
  • Beach towel (for swimming)
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Deodorant
  • Brush/comb
  • Contact supplies (if you wear contacts)
  • 2 bath towels, 1 hand towel
  • 2 wash cloths
  • Shower shoes
  • Bed linens, pillow, light blanket or sleeping bag

What NOT to bring:

The following list is not necessarily comprehensive on what not to bring. If an item is questionable, it is best not to bring it. If the counselor or coach find anything an archer should not have, they will confiscate it and contact parents or the appropriate authorities.

  • Alcohol and/or alcohol paraphernalia
  • Drugs
  • Extension cords
  • Candles, incense
  • Grills of any kind
  • Portable heaters and air conditioners
  • Martial Arts equipment, firearms, BB/pellet/paintball guns, medieval weapons, or anything else that can be considered a weapon
  • Knives are only allowed with your equipment being stored at the Shooting Sports Education Center
  • Toaster ovens
  • Electrical frying pans/deep fryers
  • Large and/or expensive electronics
  • Expensive items that could be stolen.

Last updated: 5/2/2023