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Elite Precision Rifle Academy

Session Dates

June 15 – 18

Registration Deadline

May 1 May 22

Registration Fees:

Commuter: $950
Overnight: $1200


Shooting Sports Education Center
Phone: (912) 478-7732

The Elite Precision Rifle Academy is a residential rifle camp at the state-of-the-art Shooting Sports Education Center at Georgia Southern University.

Campers will stay and dine on the beautiful Georgia Southern University – Statesboro campus. The camp counselors will be current Georgia Southern University Shooting Sports Education Center employees who will provide constant supervision. Campers will meet shooters from across the country, and participate in several activities on campus including Archery Tag, swimming and rock climbing at the Recreation Activity Center.


The Academy will be held at the Georgia Southern University’s Shooting Sports Education Center. The facility features 2-8 lane, 25 meter firearms ranges, 2 classrooms and support spaces.

3271 Old Register Road
Statesboro, GA 30458


Resident campers will stay in one of the outstanding, air-conditioned University Housing facilities on campus. Each camper will have double occupancy room with a shared bath. Roommate requests will be accepted. The residence hall clubhouse will have TV’s with video games available for checkout. Campers will be responsible for providing bed linens (Bed size TBD), blanket, pillow, towels, toiletries and any other items to make their stay comfortable. The rooms will not be equipped with a television or telephone. Internet access is available in the room with the camper providing their own computer and Ethernet cable.


For resident campers, a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in one of the campus dining facilities. Commuter campers will be provided lunch in the dining facility. Snacks will be provided for all throughout the camp day.


Campers will be picked up at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV) between 1-5 p.m. on Friday, June 14. Campers may arrange to fly out of SAV between 5-10 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18. The shuttle will leave Statesboro at 2 p.m. Campers are responsible for all meals on travel days. Please check with your local airport TSA for travel related policies with a firearm.


Campers will need to bring all necessary shooting equipment to include air rifle, smallbore rifle, case, air tank adapter, shooting attire and anything else needed for instruction and competition.

Commuter Drop-off/Pick-up

Please see the daily schedule for the drop off and pick up times.


If special or reasonable accommodations are needed, please contact Matt Horst in advance to discuss them prior to arrival.


All information with registered campers will be provided through e-mail to the address provided in the registration materials. Please ensure this address is accurate and that you check it often between registration and the start of camp.

Camp Counselors

Counselors act as a guardian while your child attends camp, as they are around them 24/7. They sleep in the residence hall on the same floor as the campers and don’t go to bed until all campers are in their rooms and accounted for. They wake campers in the morning to make sure they have time to eat breakfast and get to their first session on time. Counselors are in the dining area while campers are dining, and present while campers are in session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear at the camp?
Shooters should prepare accordingly as the range is air-conditioned and maintains a temperature of 72⁰. Comfortable casual wear and hoodie is appropriate for camp. Appropriate shooting attire to include shooting pants, jacket, gloves, boots and base layers/shooting sweater. Each should bring their own shooting mat, roll and sling. Hearing protection is required for all shooters.

May I bring food to the Camp?
Yes, you may, but we will provide all meals and snacks for you.


Please contact Matt Horst, Director – Shooting Sports Education, with any questions you may have.

Contact Info
Phone: (912) 478-7732

Camp Instructors

Alison Weisz

Who am I?
Passion, Mindfulness, Perseverance. Three words I strive to incorporate daily. I have a passion for all things life, especially competitive rifle shooting. Mindfulness is easily forgotten in the constant movement of our typical lifestyles, yet highly beneficial in our sport. Life will not always go the way you planned but if you persevere each time, success will find you. My goal is to help athletes learn to embrace each of these terms, plus more, in their sport and also their life. I love to see young athletes following their dreams and their successes along the way. I want to be available as a resource to athletes of all levels to discuss training techniques, difficulties, differences, successes and anything else related. Experienced in building training plans, understanding balance of sport and life, and even the trials and tribulations to provide the “do’s and do not’s”. Looking forward to interacting with y’all!

Athletic Achievements

  • 4x NCAA individual qualifier, first freshman to qualify in program history
  • 2x NCAA All-American
  • 3x All-Conference honors
  • 3x nominee for Most Valuable Rebel across all collegiate sport programs at Ole Miss
  • 2016 NCAA Air Rifle Championship Bronze Medalist
  • 2017 National Champion
  • 2018 World Champhionship Team Member
  • 2018 Championship of the Americas Silver Medalist
  • 2018 Winter Airgun Championships Gold Medalist
  • Women’s Air Rifle National Record Holder

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

Lucas Kozeniesky

Who am I?
I am a dedicated individual who strives to bring the best out of those around me. I have a strong passion for Sport Shooting, health and fitness, and personal achievement. I want to make my experiences and my techniques available for shooters of all levels to be able to tap into as a resource.

Athletic Achievements

  • 2016 U.S. Olympian
  • 4 Time NC State MVP
  • 4 Time USA Shooting National Champion
  • 6-Time All-American

Bachelors of Science in Sport Management
Minored in Leadership in Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

Georgia Southern SSEC employees will serve as counselors.

Camp Schedule

You can download and print the Elite Precision Rifle Academy schedule here! PDF

Camp Schedule (Tentative)
  Time Event
Saturday, June 15
Smallbore Training Day
8:15 AM Introductions
Code of Conduct Review
Goals of the Day
Expectations for Shooters/Instructors
8:45 AM Transition to the Range for 50 ft smallbore
9:00 AM Kneeling Tactics
9:45 AM Short Break and Recap
Prone Tactics
10:45 AM Short Break and Recap
11:00 AM Standing Tactics
11:45 AM Short Break and Recap
12:00 PM Lunch! Discussion on Nutrition
12:45 PM Set up for Intensity drill
1:00 PM Conduct Intensity Drill
1:45 PM Move to Classroom
2:00 PM Individual Goals Discussion
3:00 PM Back to Training: Shooters Pick
4:00 PM Debrief Activity and then conclude the day
Sunday, June 16
Air Rifle Training Day
8:15 AM Introductions
Review of the Previous Day
Goals of the Day
Expectations for Shooters/Instructors
8:45 AM Transition to the Range for 10 meter air rifle
9:00 AM Balance and Activation
9:45 AM Gun Balance Check
10:00 AM Air Rifle Training
12:00 PM Lunch! Discussion on Pressure Management
1:00 PM Set up Intensity Drill
1:15 PM Conduct Drill
2:00 PM Intro To Developing Training Plans
3:00 PM Free Training
4:30 PM Debrief Activity and then conclude the day
Monday, June 17
Smallbore Match Day
8:15 AM Introductions
Code of Conduct Review
Goals of the Day
Expectations for Shooters/Instructors
8:30 AM Begin Setup for match
8:45 AM Call to the Line
9:00 AM Sighters
9:15 AM Match Firing, Start
12:00 PM Match Finish then group recap
12:30 PM Lunch! Open Discussion
1:30 PM Set up for Intensity drill
1:45 PM Conduct Intensity Drill
2:45 PM Individual Training
4:00 PM Debrief Activity and then conclude the day
Tuesday, June 18
Air Rifle Match Day / Departure
8:15 AM Introductions
Code of Conduct Review
Goals of the Camp/Experience
Expectations for Shooters/Instructors
8:30 AM Begin Setup for match
8:45 AM Call to the Line
9:00 AM Sighters
9:15 AM Match Firing, Start
10:30 AM Match Finish then group recap
11:00 AM Set up for Intensity drill
12:00 PM Intensity Drill in Air Gun
12:30 PM Wrap up activities and send shooters off to Nationals


Spots are filled on a first come – first served basis and limited to 8 participants.

Registration Fees

The registration fee includes instruction, camp t-shirt, breakfast, lunch, snacks and transportation to and from academy activities, as well as to and from the Savannah-Hilton Head International airport (SAV).

Age Group

9th – 12th grade competitive shooters; Collegiate shooters under 21 years old.

Camp Waiver, Insurance & Medical Information

After registering online, a welcome e-mail will be sent to you containing this Registration Packet for you to complete. It will include a waiver, medical information, pick-up authorization and camp policies and procedures. You are welcome to review and get started on your own.


Refund Policy

For refunds, please submit a request to Matt Horst via email. Refunds will be allowed prior to the registration deadline less 15% processing fee.
*No refund requests will be accepted within 14 days of the start of each camp.

Last updated: 7/1/2019