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Explore Bowfishing Day Camp


June 18 – 20


8:30am – 12pm


7 years old and up.

Registration Deadline

June 11

Registration Fee

*Participants may register online or at the Shooting Sports Education Center>

Explore Bowfishing

Bowfishing is the sport of taking fish with a bow and arrow. Explore Bowfishing is an interactive shooting program that introduces participants to a fast-paced, archery-based form of fishing. This camp will teach bowfishing basics to anyone interested in learning how to bowfish, whether they’re new to fishing and archery or well-seasoned anglers and archers. Participants will learn things such as equipment needed, how to use the equipment, legal fish species to take with bowfishing equipment and more. This is a great program to explore the outdoors!

Last updated: 5/3/2018