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GAA 25 Meter State Indoor Championship


Saturday, December 5th — Sunday, December 6th


8 AM Saturday, 1 PM Saturday, 8 AM Sunday

Additional shooting times that could be opened if the need arises: 5 PM Friday, 1 PM Sunday

Registration Fee

All participants must be a member of USA Archery and must show proof of membership. USA Archery memberships can be purchased at Archers must be a resident of Georgia to compete for State Championship awards. Guest divisions will be awarded for non-residents.

When you register online, please print the USA Archery waiver and the SSEC waiver and bring them with you to check-in. Archers may register onsite if space allows.

If you are going to be moving up a division in January due to your age, you should shoot this competition in that new division as it is part of the 2021 GAA Tournament series.

Awards will be presented following final shooting line.

Tournament Format:
25-meter FITA I Indoor Round, 60 arrows.
Target face will be a 60cm Single Spot or 60cm vertical 3 Spot.
Archers should arrive and check in 1 hour before shooting time.
FITA Rules for shooting and equipment will be used at all times.
USA Archery dress code will be enforced. See forms and policies here.

Archers must submit USA Archery Waiver and SSEC Waiver upon check-in.

Additional Information

Only one spectator is permitted per registered archer. Each spectator must request to be placed on the spectator list by emailing Coach Cassy at:

Masks must be worn by all archers at all times while inside the building, including while shooting. Please see our COVID-19 policies page for more information (


Special practice time for registered participants!
Date and time: TBA
50% off lane rental to practice for the shoot!
Target face is included.
Archers do not have to be an approved user, waivers are required to practice/compete.
No pre-registration for practice needed, archers must be registered for the event.

Division   Distance
Bowman through the year of the 12th birthday 25 Meters
Cub through the year of the 14th birthday 25 Meters
Cadet through the year of the 17th birthday 25 Meters
Junior through the year of the 20th birthday 25 Meters
Senior ay any age 25 Meters
Master 50 when the competition takes place in the year of their 50th birthday and thereafter 25 Meters
Master 60 when the competition takes place in the year of their 60th birthday and thereafter 25 Meters
Master 70 when the competition takes place in the year of their 70th birthday and thereafter 25 Meters

Last updated: 11/11/2020