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7 Dimensions of Wellness

The University Wellness Program promotes seven dimensions of wellness including: Spiritual, Occupational, Social, Physical, Intellectual, Environmental, and Emotional. The goal is to strive for balance in each dimension. Find more information and tools below to help you learn more about each dimension.

  • Acknowledgement of, and appreciating one’s interdependence with, and impact on the natural environment
  • Positively contributing to the protection and sustainability of our environment
  • Establishing a positive physical living and working environment (positive energy – ‘qi’)
On-Campus Resources
Center for Sustainability – The Center for Sustainability is committed to providing opportunities to increase awareness and education on sustainability issues, both on campus and in the community. They offer Environmental Sustainability academic courses as well as practicum courses. Additionally, the center hosts sustainability experts as speakers and No Impact Week each spring semester.

  • Freedom from illness, disease and need for medications
  • Ability to function and regularly participate safely in a variety of activities
  • Maintaining a balanced natural diet and regular sleeping habits
On-Campus Resources

Campus Recreation & Intramurals – Through programs and facilities, which are recreational, educational and sporting in nature, they promote and develop healthy life-style choices.

Health Services – Health Services offers a full range of services to meet patient needs including medical counseling and educational programs.

  • Seeking opportunities for self enlightenment and liberation
  • Progression toward a stronger sense of purpose, personal values and meaning of life
  • A state of harmony with self and the rest of the world/universe
On-Campus Resources

The Center for Wildlife Education Center – Surround yourself with the natural and serene atmosphere of the nature trail at the Wildlife Center. Meditate with sounds of birds singing and ducks playing in water for a healthy dose of spiritual wellness.

Sweetheart Circle – Visit this expansive park-like lawn ringed by historic oak trees to lay in a hammock, have a picnic, or play with your pet.

Campus Recreation & Intramurals – practice yoga to maintain your physical and spiritual well being. Yoga increases vitality, concentration and a sense of well being through the use of body postures and breathing techniques. Mats are provided.

  • Seeking and integrating opportunities to grow professionally, be challenged and successful
  • Garnering satisfaction and enrichment from one’s chosen career and the professional relationships developed
  • Capability to contribute positively, productively and safely to the collective whole
On-Campus Resources

Human Resources – Human Resources offers organization development and learning programs to help you develop professionally.

Office of Career Services – Georgia Southern University Office of Career Services is dedicated to providing quality services and programs for students and alumni. They work to connect students and alumni with employers around the region and country through job postings, on-campus interviews, career fairs and other events.

  • A continuous openness to new concepts, ideas, perspectives and cultures
  • An unbridled curiosity to seek new and diverse experiences/challenges
  • Ability to successfully learn, apply new learning, change, and adapt
On-Campus Resources

Academic Success Center – The Academic Success Center is committed to furthering the mission of Georgia Southern University by providing a student- centered facility dedicated to promoting academic success among all students. The center includes the tutoring center and testing office.

Continuing Education – The mission of Continuing Education is to serve as the educational link between the University’s colleges and the citizens in the region, state and globally in delivering lifelong learning programs. Continuing Education provides a variety of programs designed to improve the skills of the workforce, to enhance societal and cultural understanding, to facilitate healthy lifestyles, and constructive use of leisure time, and to address the personal development and enrichment needs. Some services include on-line certificate programs, support for soldiers, and youth college classes and camps for kids.

  • Being aware and accepting of one’s feelings.
  • Ability to, and having outlets for expressing one’s emotions constructively.
  • Being able to adjust to change and seek positive outcomes.
  • Being happy and positive
On-Campus Resources

Counseling Center – The Counseling Center at Georgia Southern University is where students can go to participate in programs and receive services designed to help them handle day-to-day challenges and encourage their personal growth and development. The Counseling Center is staffed by doctoral-level psychologists and master’s-level counselors who provide services on an individual and group basis at no additional cost to those enrolled as full-time, matriculated students at Georgia Southern.

The Counseling Center is located on Forest Drive between Health Services and the Forest Drive Classroom building. Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. They are closed on all official University holidays.

Psychology Clinic – The Psychology Clinic at Georgia Southern University exists to provide high quality, low- cost psychological services to individuals on the campus and from the surrounding rural communities.

  • Forming and contributing to positive relationships of mutual respect
  • Comfortably and effectively performing a variety of social/group roles
  • Seeking and fulfilling leadership roles that contribute positively to your community
On-Campus Resources
With a student-centered perspective, the Office of Student Activities is committed to providing positive co-curricular experiences for the Georgia Southern community through our spaces, involvement opportunities, and services. Click here to see their calendar of events & programs.

Last updated: 11/6/2017