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Bowling Pin Competition




Sign up

Must sign up in person and pay in advance.
Maximum of 24 shooters and day of registration.


1st Place wins free entry to another bowling pin shoot and pro shop credit!



Entry Fee

$15 for public, faculty and staff
$10 for GS students and youth

Equipment Rental
1 box of 9mm ammo, 1 Glock 9mm rental, and event entry

$30 for the public, faculty and staff
$25 for GS students and youth

This is a handgun match that is a great way for those new to shooting competition to get started and for those with a lot of experience to show off in a tough competition. Why has shooting bowling pins taken off to the extent it has? Because it’s fun! Bowling pins are a dynamic target, if you hit them off center they tend to fall down instead of going off the table. Once they’re lying down they’ll usually spin when hit on the ends instead of going off the table. These factors make the simple statement of “clear the table of 5 pins” more challenging than it sounds.


Participants must be an SSEC approved user. Youth must be accompanied by an adult who must remain present. Participants are welcome to attend all competitions, but not required to as this is a drop in league.

How to play

Qualifying Rounds:

  • Shoot 3 separate strings of 5 pins (String is one iteration of 5 pins)
  • Your time is recorded and averaged
  • Averaged time places you into our bracketed “Knock Out Round”

Shooter’s start position can be either be with firearm touching the table, if there is a table, or with the firearm pointed down at a 45 degree angle. When the timer sounds, the shooters commence firing until the RSO announces either:

  • “Winner on the Left”
  • “Winner on the right”
  • “Tie table”

Knock Out Round:

  • Matches are head to head
  • First shooter to knock off all 5 pins wins the round
  • Pins knocked over must be shot off the table onto the ground
  • If there is a tie between shooters that match will be shot again
  • All Knock Out Rounds are single elimination

RSO’s commands are typically:

  • “Shooters to the line”
  • “Load and make ready”
  • “Ready on the left”
  • “Ready on the right”
  • “Standby”


Pin type Five full sized bowling pins
Pin spots Pins are spaced 16 inches apart, twelve inches from the front edge of the table
Magazines Center fire shooters can load no more than eight rounds in their first magazine.
  • Standard commercial and reloaded ammunition is permitted
  • Any type of ammunition designed for penetrating metal is not permitted
  • Only ammunition purchased at the SSEC may be used in a rental firearm
  • No steel jacketed, steel shot or steel core bullets permitted
  • No tracer, incendiary, armor piercing, gas or explosive ammunition is permitted
Center fire only, .380, 38 Special, 9mm, 40 and 45 calibers are allowed. Iron Sights Only
Waivers Filled out prior to start of event
Safety Brief Everyone must be present for the safety brief which will take place 15 minutes prior to the timing round
Suggested Items 1 Firearm, 2 boxes ammo, 3 magazines, hearing and eye protection, long sleeve shirts and pants


Last updated: 5/31/2017